Category: history of science

  • Stains in Special Collections

    Posted on Dec 12th

    The presentation about the Library of Stains project on December 13 prompts us to look at different sorts of stains in Special Collections […]

  • On Working and Labor Day 2017

    Posted on Sep 1st

    Although the campus is buzzing with the excitement of football — first home game tonight — and the beginning of classes next […]

  • Darkness at Noon (More or Less)

    Posted on Aug 20th

    Like other special collections libraries prompted by tomorrow’s solar eclipse to post images from their holdings, we weigh in with examples from, […]

  • Electrifying Displays

    Posted on Jun 11th

    Our current exhibit, “Natural History :: Natural Philosophy,” includes much about that quintessential topic of 18th-century natural philosophy, electricity. On display are […]

  • Earth Day

    Posted on Apr 22nd

    In celebration of Earth Day, we look back to a memorable acquisition — the 1,000,000th volume in the University of Wisconsin-Madison libraries, […]

  • Chazen Exhibition Opens March 3

    Posted on Mar 2nd

    Thanks for the shout-out in the Wisconsin State Journal from artist Martha Glowacki, whose exhibition “Martha Glowacki’s Natural History, Observations and Reflections” at […]

  • A Closer Look

    Posted on Feb 10th

    We invite you to take a closer look at our new exhibit Natural History :: Natural Philosophy, on display in Special Collections […]

  • Last Week for Exhibit: The Globe/Global in Shakespeare’s Time

    Posted on Jan 21st

    This coming week is the last one for the current exhibit in Special Collections, entitled “The Globe/Global in Shakespeare’s Time.” We hope […]

  • Glassblowing and our Chemistry Collections

    Posted on Sep 23rd

    We call your attention to tomorrow’s regional meeting of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, at which Prof. Catherine Jackson of the UW-Madison Department […]

  • Earthquakes as Explored in the Early Philosophical Transactions (& Elsewhere)

    Posted on Aug 31st

    The recent devastating earthquake and aftershocks in Italy reminded us of the attention paid to earthquakes at the Royal Society of London […]

  • What Goes Up …

    Posted on May 18th

    For the next 120 days or so, the elevator to the 9th floor marked “Special Collections | South Stacks” will be undergoing major […]

  • Mercury Observed

    Posted on May 8th

    Our colleague Jim Lattis (of UW-Madison’s Space Place) has alerted the campus to a rare transit of Mercury, and to a special […]