Exhibit Checklist for Plants Plantations Labor Trade

December 8, 2020

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Normally we would encourage you also to visit the Department to see Plants  Plantations  Labor  Trade: An Exhibit of Holdings of the UW-Madison Libraries and Wisconsin Historical Society Library & Archives. Instead, we want to alert you to a checklist of the exhibit’s contents, including books, manuscripts, archives, music, and pictorial materials exploring the long history and global reach of plantation crops and land use, racialized and forced labor, means of production and markets. The exhibit was co-curated by Cynthia Bachhuber, Susan Barribeau, Tom Caw, Laura Martin, Robin Rider, Lisa Saywell, and Emilie Songolo, and installed early in 2020 to accompany the Sawyer Seminar “Interrogating the Plantationocene,” Center for the Humanities, UW-Madison.

square portion of exhibit poster for Plants Plantations Labor Trade


The image at the top of the page is from “Elog-mpoo mingenda milibet,” cloth promoting the cultural association of the Elog-Mpoo people in Cameroon. Shown here: cocoa trees lining the top border of the fabric sample. Digitized as part of “Commemorative Fabrics from Africa,”

The image in the middle of the page is from Carly Sentieri’s poster for this exhibit.