A Little Dinner Music

“I have been taught the grace of eggplant,/The salvation of olives, the epiphany of garlic./I have had lessons/In the redemption of plum tomatoes.” Stephen Murabito writes as a true disciple […]

The Heart of War

In energetic and vivid poems, Carmine Sarracino pursues the sad saga of war — excitement and flag-waving yielding to drudgery and death, terror and horror laying siege to courage and […]

The Promised Land
“The trees whiten and split/and heal themselves in their slow rush/toward light. I want to put my arms around/something more holy than myself and hold on…” Harriet Brown’s poems seek […]
Virgins on the Rocks

“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.” (Charlie Chaplin) Karla Huston excels at such Chaplin-esque play. Quirky juxtapositions, out-of-context encounters and witty […]

when gertrude married alice

Eve Robillard’s poems are a paean to Art (with a capital “A”) and the artistically focused life. Robillard reveals art as transport (the chapbook begins and ends with transcontinental journeys […]

Wild Apples

“That is the way of apples, always reverting/to wilder strains, no two entirely alike,/since apples are, like us, not true to seed.” Timothy Walsh relishes the unpredictable originality of wild […]