Midterm Madness

March 3rd, 2010

As the stress of midterm exams begins to mount, remember that College Library can help. Not only are library staff available 24/5 to answer your research questions, the library also partners with GUTS, the Writing Center, and L&S Career Services to help you succeed.

Some hints to get you through to spring break:

1) Ask a Librarian – via chat, phone or in-person. Remember, there are no stupid questions and we’re always happy to help.

2) Start your research early – with enough notice we can get articles for you (free) through Library Express.

3) Once you find good research, organize it with a citation manager – free ones include RefWorks (licensed for all campus affiliates) and Zotero (a Firefox plug-in). Both work on the iTunes model – instead of songs you download citation information, create a library, and output correctly formatted bibliographies in your preferred citation style.

4) Keep awake with the coffee available at Open Book.

With these “helpful” suggestions you’ll be sure to ace your midterm exams. šŸ™‚

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