Category: 2010

  • Winter Interim Hours

    Posted on Dec 22nd

    With the end of finals on Thursday, Dec. 23, College Library reverts to its interim schedule of being open weekdays from 8:30am […]

  • Finals events wrap-up

    Posted on Dec 22nd

    As finals came to a close, College Library hopes that everyone had a successful end to the semester. Thanks for sharing all […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 21st

    Palm reading! Stop by between 3:00 and 4:30, or between 6:00 and 7:00 on Tuesday to see what your future holds. Have […]

  • Finals Week Events

    Posted on Dec 21st

    To help make final exam times a bit less stressful, the library has put together a series of daily events and give-aways […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 20th

    Fortunately, there’s chocolate! OK, we admit that it’s a bit of a stretch to connect free candy with our “Make Your Fortune” […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 19th

    Make your own fortune teller! You know the kind: fold paper into four quadrants that fit on your fingers and reveal your […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 18th

    Divine your fortune: Tarot, I Ching, Ouija, Palmistry, Animal Spirit Guides, and yes, even a Magic 8 Ball. These tools for figuring […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 17th

    What will your future hold on this the first day of final exams? Fortune cookies will let you know! Stop by the […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 16th

    It’s Study Day! GUTS will be providing extra tutoring from noon until midnight! There will be treats available for those getting tutoring […]

  • Today’s Finals Event

    Posted on Dec 15th

    Thanks to the Open Book Cafe, there is free coffee, tea and hot chocolate on Wednesday, Dec. 15th from 7pm-2am! We appreciate […]

  • Today’s Event

    Posted on Dec 14th

    On Tuesday, December 14th the theme is: Make Your Fortune & Wish Upon a Star. Write your well-wishes on paper stars for […]

  • E-Readers Now Available

    Posted on Dec 8th

    College Library now has Kindles and iPads full of e-books for you to borrow! As part of a pilot project to build […]