Physical Exhibits

September 12 — November 17, 2019

This exhibit of book arts hopes to inspire you to become actively engaged in the fight to preserve our planet. These artists’ books tackle the global environmental crisis that puts our future at risk. The increasing rate of climate change dramatically impacts our economy, health, food supply, air and water quality, and other aspects of life. Dramatic stress on the earth is marked by warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, glacial retreat, sea level rise, stronger hurricanes, drought, famine, heat waves, wildfires, and plant and animal extinction. Deforestation has caused an increase in carbon dioxide and loss of habitat. Time is running out. The call for individual and nationwide action is getting louder. Get involved in working on behalf of Mother Earth: raise awareness, support sustainability, and speak up about climate change.
The artists in the exhibit include: Emily Arthur, Colin Finlay, Rebecca Goodale, Lucy Helton, Kevin Simón Mancera Vivas, Barbara Milman, Sarah Nicholls, Sue Ann Robinson, Tate Shaw, Shawn Sheehy, Wilbur H. Schilling, Todd M. Thyberg, Claire Van Vliet, and Beata Wehr.

Image: Unspeakable Heat, Beata Wehr, 2010.