Bookscapes: Lands Observed and Imagined

This exhibit showcases the theme of landscape in artists’ books, from depictions of place in Native American legend to an inverted atlas of the earth.

Great Lakes Porcupine Quill Boxes from the Collection of Jane A. Raymond and Robert Mougin

On display is a private collection of 26 porcupine quill boxes on loan from Jane A. Raymond and Robert Mougin. The majority of the boxes were created by Woodland Indians, primarily Canadian First Nation people living in the Great Lakes region of North America.

Crafted Design & Agents of Change: Modern European Publications from the Collection of Barbara Mackey Kaerwer

The Kohler Art Library proudly presents a selection of early twentieth-century German and Austrian publications from the collection of Barbara Mackey Kaerwer, a University of Wisconsin-Madison alumna and generous donor to both the Chazen Art Museum and the library.

POP Goes the Artists’ Book!

Through the art and craft of paper engineering, pop-up books partake a wide range of shapes and configurations in three-dimensional form. A type of movable book, they are related to carousels, tunnel books, flag books, and other interactive structures.