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  • KAL 50 Poster Exhibition

    Last fall students from Henrique Nardi’s Basic Graphic Design class were challenged to create a 50th-anniversary poster for the Kohler Art Library. […]

  • Those Crazy Fakirs!

    In this era of fake news, deepfakes, and the blurring of truth and fiction, it may come as a surprise to learn […]

  • Two Shows, One Planet: The Endless Summer + Earthwork

    This Fall Kohler Art Library presents two shows with one idea: art addressing global climate change. Hanging on the library’s walls is […]

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  • #48 of #50FabFeatures is a collection of satiric art catalogs by The Society of American Fakirs, a group of New York art students who delighted in holding fake art shows that spoofed their teachers and other "serious" artists. The catalogs are a rare
collection of art documentation revealing the silly side of early 20th century art education. "With more visual jokes than a clowns'
convention, the exhibition is like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch of an art show," wrote the New York Times about an prior Fakir exhibit. The name Fakir recalls the actual fakirs seen on the streets of New York—peddlers and magicians who entertained for donations at parades and other public events. This collection is on view for a limited time at the Kohler Art Library in “Remembering The
Society of American Fakirs, 1891-1914.” #fakir #kohlerart50 #artstudentsleague #americanart #nineteenthcenturyart #fakeart
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FRM:Anna Simon 
MSG:Next up on #50FabFeatures--#49 is Vasily Kandinsky's Klänge (Sounds). Published in 1912, it was described by
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Kandinsky as a "musical album" of 38 prose poems and 56 woodcuts. Using a horse and rider as its symbolic subject and employing
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experimental typography, the book explores the move from representation to abstraction. 300 books were printed, but only 120 copies were
sold between 1912 and 1914. The publication was nevertheless a hit with avant-garde artists, especially Russian Futurists and Zurich Dadaists. The Kohler's copy is no.183 and was donated to the Kohler by Barbara M. Kaerwer. #KohlerArt50 #uwmadisonlibraries #kandinsky #poetry #germanexpressionism  #woodcuts #derblauereiter
  • The Kohler Art Library is turning 50 this year! To celebrate we'll be showcasing "50 Fab Features" that make our library special. Feature #50 is our iconic dome lamp, which was part of the original 1970 reading room furnishings. Produced by Nessen
Lighting, these table and floor lamps provided students with a soft, focused light and contributed to the cozy yet sophisticated aura of the reading room. The dome light was a popular style in the 1960s, as seen in the last pic of a design for Hans-Agne Jakobsson, AB Sweden. We recently replaced the original desk lamps with similar models; their glow can be seen in our large windows, across from the Chazen, as one walks down East Campus Mall. #50FabFeatures #KohlerArt50 #Nessenlighting #uwmadlibraries #retrostyle #artlibraries
  • What a year you were, 2019. Looking back with 🌈 in our eyes. 2020 is going to be a special one! #topnine2019 #artibrary #uwmadisonlibraries
  • School’s out; time to make art cookies! The @nytimescooking holiday cookie guide features “modern holiday cookies” inspired by abstract expressionism, color field paintings, hard edge abstraction, and framed perspective. Noted food stylist and cookbook author @susanspungen created the museum-worthy spread; @conpoulos photographed. Happy holidays friends! #artinspiration #holidaycookies #ellsworthkelly #foodart
  • As seen in the @chazenartuw kitchen. We’ll be laughing for days. #artbaselbanana #contemporaryart #yesitsart
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