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  • Recently pulled from the reshelving cart: // Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria // (The British Museum, 2010). This astonishing volume traces the influence of the monarch on jewelry at home and abroad, from noted Royal jewels to the truly bizarre and novel. It relays the buzz of excitement around scientific discovery, competing with the sentimentalism of the Romantic age. Classical motifs belie the aspirations of the British Empire, and cultural appropriation abounds, documenting the long colonialist history of Great Britain. Other works hint at contemporary interest in archaeology, and the revival of national identity through indigenous symbolism. #queenvictoria #britishmuseum #alltthejewels #appliedarts #metalwork
  • Established in 1974 by UW-Madison alumna Susan Gosin and Bruce Weinberg, and later enriched by the presence of fellow UW graduate Paul Wong, Dieu Donné Papermill (and Press) has served as a pioneering studio space providing hand papermaking residency opportunities for emerging and established artists. The studio has allowed artists to experiment with paper as an artistic medium through techniques such as pulp painting and casting, sheet forming, watermarking, and stenciling, and its staff have been at the fore of developing a vocabulary for pigmentation, surface treatment, and fiber preparation. // Pure Pulp: Contemporary Artists Working in Paper at Dieu Donné // catalogues a 2016 exhibition held at the Wellin Museum of Art, Hamilton College, NY, describing 30 works from artists who were in residence at the mill from 2000-2015.

#collaboration #dieudonnepapermill #processart #materialrelations #deckleedge #swollpulp #stacksfind
  • /Denim: Fashion’s Frontier/ by Emma McClendon explores the legacy of this quintessentially American fabric. The Kohler Art Library will be closed for Independence Day, so why not celebrate by wearing your favorite piece of denim clothing? #fashiondesign #bluejeans #americanheritage
  • "In the Studio," showing now @chazenartuw takes a deep dive into the intimate spaces of artists-where they create, explore, learn, and live-aka the artist's studio. We love the surprises at the end the show, including a reading nook with these books by artist Joe Fig (He's also the Chair of Fine Arts/Visual Studies at Ringling College of Art and Design.) Find these books in the Chazen or
at the Kohler Art Library! #summerreading #artstudio
  • Thanks Summer Arts Studio for bringing your classes to the art library and sharing your projects with us! Shown here are some students from Emily Arthur’s silk screen class. 🤩#uwmadisonarts #uw_artdept #printmaking #studiolife
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