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  • Alert: there is currently live art happening in the art library! @mompoxino has been working on our new #yarninstallation for the last 11 months even as she’s travelled the world and put on other shows. Check out the piece’s progression—talk about process art! We are so grateful to Luisa for her time and dedication to bringing this piece to life. #textileart #yarn #knitting #libraryart #fiberart #installationart
  • Check out Special Collections from @UWMadLibraries today from 10:30-12:30
outside Chazen Museum on East Campus Mall! We'll have goodies from Art, Music, Special Collections & UW Archives.
  • // Why Materials Matter: Responsible Design for a Better World // by Seetal Solanki (pub. 2018)
This recent publication elaborates on the link between the material choices of contemporary industrial designers and the future health of the planet. The author reminds the reader that materials serve as a representation of a culture’s values. See how day-to-day substances are transforming, alongside new materials created through technical, biological, or chemical processes in order to disrupt the “wasteful, pollutive design legacy of the 20th century.” #ethicaldesign #seetalsolanki #materialworld #materialculture
  • "N.R.A. Gets Results on Gun Laws in One Phone Call With Trump" reads a recent New York Times headline. After one 30-minute phone call with NRA president Wayne LaPierre, President Trump is now espousing NRA talking points verbatim, including stigmatizing mental illness as a culprit of mass shootings rather than access to assault weapons. Unless the President calls for Congress to support bi-partisan gun control legislation, proposed bills are unlikely to pass the Senate.
This broadside is part of Enough is Enough, a print exchange portfolio protesting American gun violence and political inaction. Now on display at the Kohler Art Library. #enoughisenough #artisalwayspolitical
  • On display at the Kohler through the start of the fall semester: Enough is Enough, a print exchange portfolio addressing American school shootings and gun violence. Twenty-three artists reacted to the news and political inaction surrounding the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018. Each artist incorporated text into their print, perhaps relying on the weight of words to convey their viewpoint explicitly. Many of the artists involved have called attention to the need to set aside political motivation and pass sensible gun control legislation to help prevent further violence. This portfolio, part of the Kohler Art Library’s collection of artists’ books and broadsides, was organized by @ellen.knudson and UW alumna @lisabethpress. 
#enoughisenough #allartispolitical #collaboration #sumofparts
  • Work at the Kohler Art Library! Now hiring for evening and weekend graduate supervisors and daytime and weekend undergraduate stacks assistants. Contact
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