Innovations Unbound: The Artistry and Collaborations of Daniel Kelm

Daniel E. Kelm is a book artist known for his innovative structures and comprehensive knowledge of materials. This exhibit features Kelm’s independent and collaborative artists books, both of which are significant to the genre. Kelm’s solo pieces are geometric, kinetic sculptures that require a viewer to unpack, assemble, explore, and interpret the components. Once constructed, Kelm’s books show us new ways for books to exist, revealing maps to previously unknown worlds and ideas.

We all have dreams, we all have stories: an exhibit of African American Artists’ Books

This selection of artists’ books explores some of the complex and varied stories from the African American experience. Most of the books are by African American artists; all address the legacies of slavery, segregation, and institutional racism. The books also revisit and re-imagine American history, identities forged from generations of memories “spoken and unspoken,” and the familial bonds that, like squares of a quilt, are pieced together, the sum greater than the parts.