Organizing University Records for Departments and Units -File Plans / Electronic Files

The following resources are available to assist University Offices in the management of their university public records.

Frequently Asked Questions on Organization University Records and Files. 

How Does our Department or Unit begin to get our university records in order?  See document for records maangement plan below. 

What is a Records Management File Plan?  A file Plan is a document that provides transparency in the management of university records. Departments and units should develop a file plan which documents their records management processes and where and how information is managed. For more information see the links below.  

What is Record Classficiation and Taxonomy? and how do we apply it to electronic files?

The following short video tutorial contain very good information in which to apply to electronic files. The information is courtesy of the University of North Carolina Archives. Concepts apply to UW-Madison Records.

For machine readable formats for storage of electronic information see the National Archives Appendix A: Table of File Formats.

Where do we start with Organization of  Shared Network Drives?

Some University Department or Units have indicated interest in getting their unstructure information in their network shared drive cleaned up.  See below the Guidance and Job aids to assist in this project.

Guidance: Managing Electronic Records in Information Systems: Shared Drives;Content Mgt Sys.; Doc Mgt Sys; Collab Tools and other Electronic Inf. Systems

Article: ROT Introduction & Prevention Tips – August 23, 2016 Zasio, Rick Surber