State Record Center Destruction Services

SRC Destruction Services 

For records that have met disposition in accordance with their records schedule, the SRC provide destruction services.  Records schedules are suspended for litigation, audit or open records requests.  This service can also be used to discard non-records in bulk.

The SRC can handle both paper and media records, but they need to be packed separately and marked accordingly.   For records that are required to be destroyed confidential, the box should be taped shut and marked Destroy Confidential before pick up.  For more information on these options see the following fact sheets on the SRC website.

  • F-04  Options for Destruction of  Paper Records
  • F-02 Options for Destruction of Non-paper Media

When boxes are ready for pick up complete Form 3808.

  • Requestor information include the UDDS billing number in place of the UserID
  • Address information
  • Request Type: Option D with the number of boxes.

Send the request to the University Records Officer who will then forward the request to the SRC.

It is recommended to log records types being destroyed against the records retention schedule.  See University Record Diposition and Disposal of University Records for a sample of the unit/dept destruction log.

Link to the University Records Schedules.