Using the State Records Center for Offsite Storage

Records under an approved records schedule may be transferred to the State Records Center (SRC) for storage. While the records may live the remainder of their lifecycle at the SRC, the unit is still the official owner and manager of these records. At any time, they can recall the box from the SRC for review.

In order to submit boxes to the State Records Center (SRC) for storage, a person must become an Authorized User. This authorization allows a person to create, submit, manage, and retrieve inventory from the State Record Center via the SRC’s Versatile system. At the UW-Madison, Authorized Users are created at the division level by UDDS number.

Information about becoming an Authorized User and your responsibilities can be found on our Authorized User webpage.

Designated Authorized Users use Versatile to submit new inventory, review, or request the retrieval of existing inventory via the State Records Center Inventory website. The login page for Versatile, the SRC’s inventory management system, can be found on the SRC website.

See below for UW Records Management training specific to the University’s use of Versatile. We’d also be happy to meet with departments to conduct trainings with them regarding the use of the State Records Center. Please contact the Records Management Program regarding your department’s training needs.

The SRC also has training that apply more generally to all state agencies:

Boxes can be ordered through ShopUW+.

  • Once logged in, select the shopping cart from the left side menu and search “3191-BUNDLE.”
  • From there, you can order the Record Storage Carton 10″H x 15″L x 12″W. It is important to note that this is only box approved for use at the State Records Center.

Key points for packing and labeling your boxes for offsite storage at the State Records Center (SRC) are below. For additional instructions for packing and labeling boxes, see Best Practices – Packing Record Boxes for Offsite Storage at the State Records Center.

Packing Boxes

  • Pack only one record retention schedule per box
  • Do NOT overpack, boxes must weigh less than 30 lbs. and box handles should be accessible
  • Create an inventory of the items in the box that includes the user box number
    • Place a copy in the box and keep a copy for the department. This inventory can be copied and pasted from the list into the description field when you enter it into the SRC’s Inventory System, Versatile.

Labeling Boxes

Boxes should have the following information on the label found on the side of the box. Many of these fields will be repeated when entering box information into Versatile for storage at the SRC.

The user box number is strictly for the department’s use and isn’t used by the State Records Center (SRC) for inventory purposes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a user box number:

  • Box numbers can be a mix of letters, numbers and symbols – you have 20 characters to use
  • Pick something that makes sense to your department and provides a basic description for the type of records being stored. For example:
    • Type of Record + Year(s):
      • Student records:Students2022_01, Students2022_02…
      • HR Records: RetiredFaculty2015-2017_01, RetiredFaculty2015-2017_02
    • Study Name + Number
      • UWHeartStudy_01
    • Basic Numbering: : 1,2,3, etc.
  • There should be a unique number for each box the department stores at the record center. Don’t start at 1 or repeat box numbers for each new set of records you send over
  • Document your naming and numbering convention so others know how to use it

The State Records Center (SRC) provides several forms to help with the long-term management of inventory at the SRC. The forms and their descriptions can be found on their website.

The following forms can be filled out by the Authorized User or department and submitted to the UW Records Officer for review. The UW Records Officer will then submit the form to the SRC:

  • DOA-3803 Inventory Change Request (filled out by Authorized User)
  • DOA-3804 Inventory Delete Request (filled out by Authorized User)
  • DOA-3807 SRC User Authorization Request (filled out by department making request)

The following form can be submitted directly to the SRC by an Authorized User:

  • DOA-3808 Inventory Pickup Request
    • When you send the 3808 form to the State Records Center, be sure the form is filled out completely (see example below).
    • Include the following in the email to the State Records Center: where they can park when they arrive, loading dock locations, best days and times for pickup, and other information that will help their staff when they arrive.
    • For additional questions about the 3808 form and what to include, please contact the State Records Center.