Using the Wisconsin State Records Center (SRC) for Inactive Records

The State Records Center can be used for cost-effective offsite storage of inactive University Records.

Authorization for Using the State Records Center

In order to submit boxes to the State Records Center (SRC) for storage, a person must become an Authorized User. This authorization allows a person to create, submit and retrieve inventory from the State Record Center via the SRC’s Versatile system.  At the UW-Madison, Authorized Users are created at the division level by UDDS number.

It is important to note that Authorized Users at the UW-Madison are NOT usually the owner of the box contents. Rather, they are central points of contact in a department where all boxes are sent to and received from the Records Center.  They are also the primary points of contact for the biannual disposition which is described below.  It is usually most efficient to have only one or two designated people assigned to the task per UDDS although there may be some unique cases where more people make sense.  If you would like to request access:

  1. Download the SRC User Authorization form DOA-3807 from the State Records Center.
  2. Fill out only the “Add New User” section.  The top section with Agency Name, Number, Record Officer and date will be filled out by the UW Records Officer.
  3. Email the form in MS Word format to
  4. The UW-Records Officer will complete the form and send it to the State Records Center authorizing you to obtain a User Name and Password.  You will be notified by the SRC when this is complete.

Should you at any time have trouble logging into Versatile or forget your username/password, you can contact the State Records Center directly for help at

Ordering Records Center Storage Boxes

The State Records Center (SRC) requires a specific type of heavy-duty storage carton be used by its customers. When sending boxed records to the SRC customers must use an approved record storage carton that measures 10″H x 15″L x 12″W.  This size provides 1 linear foot of storage capacity. Letter size records fit from front to back, legal size records fit sideways.

Boxes can be purchased by UW Departments through the ShopUW+ portal. Within ShopUW+, select the shopping cart from the left side menu and search “3191-BUNDLE.” From there, you can order the Record Storage Carton 10″H x 15″L x 12″W. We recommend you work with your department’s personnel responsible for ordering supplies.

Creating your boxes to send to the State Records Center

This is the single most important task you need to complete in order to ensure you can locate your materials stored at the State Records Center as well as manage them correctly over time. To help you do this:

  • All items in a box must follow the same records series. Each box is assigned to a single records series when it is entered in Versatile. This ensures proper management and disposition over time for the contents of the box.
  • Create an inventory for the contents of the box.  One copy should be placed in the box and another should stay with the department until the box contents are destroyed or transferred to the UW Archives as dictated by the records schedule. This will help you locate specific items should you need to call them back for review at some point.
  • Do not over-pack your boxes.  A maximum of 30 lbs is recommended. Allow enough room to be able to easily use the box handholds on both ends of the box.
  • Label boxes clearly

Step-by-step instructions on packing and labeling boxes can be found here in the Records Management Job Aid: Creating and Sending Boxes to the State Records Center

It is recommended you review the State Records Center’s “How to submit new inventory” training slides prior to creating your boxes in order to understand the entire submittal process prior to starting.  The link for that can be found in the next section.

Using Versatile to Manage Your Records

Designated Authorized Users can use Versatile to submit new inventory or request the retrieval of existing inventory via the Wisconsin State Records Center Inventory website, whether it be boxes, files, tapes, film or other media.

The login page for Versatile can be found here: State Records Center Versatile

This link can be found on the State Records Center’s Inventory and Orders page which also provides excellent training slides for:

  • How to submit new inventory
  • How to search and request inventory

Once you receive your box labels, the Box Pickup and Label Procedures will be helpful for completing the process.

Creation of a Box in Versatile and assigning the associated records series

When you submit new inventory in Versatile, you will be required to assign each box to an associated records series.  Versatile automatically manages the box according to the disposition dictated by that schedule.

There are 3 levels: Global, Company and Department

  • GLOBAL: The UW System-wide Schedules are at this level. Scroll way down to records series that begin with a UW. The global level houses all of the states record series so be sure to choose an approved record series for UW Madison use.
  • COMPANY: UW-Madison campus-wide schedules.
  • DEPARTMENT: These are unique records schedules for department use by UDDS number.

Page 2 of the Records Management Job Aid, “Creating and Sending Boxes to the State Records Center“,  describes how to use these categories to locate and assign the correct records series to your boxes.

Long-term management of records at the State Records Center

The State Records Center provides several forms to help manage your inventory at the records center.  Those can be found here:  State Records Center Forms

The following forms must be filled out  and submitted via the UW Records Officer:

DOA-3803 Inventory Change Request (filled out by Authorized User)
DOA-3804 Inventory Delete Request (filled out by Authorized User)
DOA-3807 SRC User Authorization Request (filled out by department making request)

The remaining forms can be submitted directly to the State Records Center by an Authorized User:

DOA-3805 Non-Indexed File Order
DOA-3808 Inventory Pickup Request

Biannual Disposition for inventory stored at the State Records Center

Two times a year (June and November), the SRC conducts disposal of records per the records schedules, which are managed in the Versatile software based on the dates entered.  During these periods, the University Records Officer receives a list from the SRC of all UW-Madison records eligible for destruction or transfer to the UW Archives.

The UW Records Officer then creates sublists based on UDDS number and sends these to the Authorized User(s) for that UDDS. The Authorized User then distributes the list to the appropriate content owner for review and a sign-off to release the boxes.  In the cases where there is litigation, audit or open records requests on the listed items, the records destruction/transfer process will be suspended another cycle.

Items that are released for destruction are confidentially destructed through a process managed by the State Records Center.