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About ARMA International and the Generally Accepted Record keeping Principles®

About ARMA International and the Generally Accepted Record keeping Principles®
ARMA International ( is a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on information governance.

Formed in 1955, ARMA International is the oldest and largest association for the information management profession with a current international membership of more than 10,000.

It provides education, publications, and information on the efficient maintenance, retrieval, and preservation of vital information created in public and private organizations in all sectors of the economy. It also publishes Information Management magazine, and the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®.

The 8 Principles” are:

  • Accountability – There should be an employee who’s role includes accountability for the records.
  • Integrity – University Records are what they purport to be.
  • Protection– University Records should be protected from unauthorized access.
  • Compliance– University Records should be in compliance with University, State, Federal or other external requirements.
  • Availability– University Records should be organized and classified to promote good retrieval.
  • Retention– All  University Records should be scheduled and have a retention policy.
  • Disposition– All University Records are disposed of in accordance with their Records Retention Policy.
  • Transparency–  University Department/Units should document their Records Management Processes in how they manage their records.

Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® [pdf]

Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Maturity Model  [pdf]

More information about the Principles can be found on  Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®