Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?
    We’re right here on the UW-Madison campus! Located on the fourth floor of Steenbock Library, the Archives is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00! Planning a trip to the Archives? Call 262-5629 or email us at in advance.
  2. How do I transfer or donate materials to the Archives?
    We are actively collecting! In general, we collect materials that document UW-Madison, UW Extension, and UW System administration history. As faculty and staff retire or move out of office space, sometimes materials of historic value are left behind. Feel free to call us (or share our contact information with colleagues) if you discover something “archives worthy”. We are more than happy to meet and review your materials for potential inclusion in our collections. Visit Donating to the Archives for detailed instructions.
  3. What’s the difference between the Archives and the Wisconsin Historical Society?
    The University Archives collects materials specifically related to UW campus history. Although located on the UW-Madison campus, the Wisconsin Historical Society has a broader collecting area including Wisconsin history.
  4. Are Archives materials available online?
    Some of our most useful “foundation” resources have been digitized and are available online in the UW Digital Collections, UW-Madison Collection. This is a representative sample of our holdings which are available for research in the Archives at Steenbock Library. Visit Online Collections and Exhibits to view lists of UW history resources available online.
  5. What materials are housed in the Archives?
    Researching a topic related to campus history? Many of our collections are cataloged into the library’s online catalog. Begin your search here.
  6. Can I check out Archives materials?
    Archives collections do not circulate but you are welcome to use these resources within the Archives or contact us for more information about acquiring copies.
  7. Can you help me with a genealogy inquiry?
    Of course! We love a good history mystery! Got a question? A research challenge? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to find the answer. For more information about family history research in the Archives, visit Genealogy.
  8. Do you maintain student transcripts and course descriptions?
    We do not maintain student transcripts. Contact the UW-Madison Registrar’s Office for transcript copies. We do maintain older course descriptions. Post-2000 course descriptions are available online at Guides: Archive.

1940-41 Men's basketball team. #S15846
1940-41 Men’s basketball team. #S15846

Hoofers listening party, 1951. #dn06021406
Hoofers listening party, 1951. #dn06021406

The Armory/Red Gym, 1899. #tk0907072
The Armory/Red Gym, 1899. #tk0907072

Winter Carnival, 1950. #S03827
Winter Carnival, 1950. #S03827

Men's boarding house, 1900s. #S06004
Men’s boarding house, 1900s. #S06004