Reflection Space

An area along the east windows of third floor is Steenbock Library’s designated reflection space. The space is intended for brief retreats from studying and users are encouraged to relax, take a moment and clear their minds.

Guidelines for using the space include:

• more than one person may use this space at a time
• turn off electronic devices
• remember that this area is located in a quiet room; be considerate of others
• know that this space is not intended for sleeping or studying

Other campus units also provide resources to help students manage stress and promote relaxation. University Health Services (UHS) has several audio files of relaxation exercises available online. And they offer stress management services where students have the opportunity to meet with a health-orientated provider to review goals and develop an individual action plan. The Center for Healthy Minds, part of the Waisman Center at UW-Madison, also provides a course on well-being with its director, Richard Davidson.

Steenbock Library is always interested in improving our facility. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.