Room 110A Technology

Room 110A is equipped with a projector, a pull-down projection screen, ceiling mounted speakers, and a podium. We recommend coming in prior to your event to test your set-up. Instructions are provided at the podium.

You will need to provide your own laptop. VGA or HDMI input is provided. If you have a laptop with a Thunderbolt or mini display input you will need to provide a Thunderbolt/mini display to HDMI adapter.

Items that you can check out from Steenbock circulation desk with your Wiscard (please note that supplies are limited for some of these items, and it is first-come first-serve):

Window blinds and adjustable lighting are provided to control light levels.  Please return them to their original setting/position when your event is over.

Please turn off all audio/visual equipment when your event is over.  Be sure the podium and A/V cabinet do not block the emergency exit door.

Please contact Steenbock Facilities Manager Matt Grebe at with questions.