BioCommons Floor Plan

The BioCommons offers many different types of spaces which can be reserved individually or in combination.  Highlights include:

  • 110A – large room with easy to move tables and chairs, projection and audio system; 23 tables & 46 chairs (all on wheels)
  • 110B – smaller room open to 110A; 8 tables without wheels and 21 chairs with wheels

110A and 110B may be reserved together or can be somewhat separated using mobile whiteboards; 68 seats total

  • 110D-F – glassed cubicles for small groups; 1-2 seats each
  • 106, 108, 109 – small group rooms with monitors; bring a device to project; 1-2 seats each
  • 110C – lounge furniture with a more relaxed atmosphere; 6 seats

Fill out the reservation form to reserve a space.  Questions? Email or call Jessica Newman, Steenbock’s Undergraduate Services Librarian, at 263-3899.