Information for Instructors

Print and audiovisual reserves

Books and other physical materials are placed in a closed stack area. Materials may be checked out for 2 hours.

Electronic reserves

Any course-related materials submitted by instructors for the use of students enrolled in the current semester and complying with the Libraries’ electronic reserve policy may be included.

How to submit your request

  • In order to insure that materials are on reserve by the start of the semester, please note the following, suggested deadlines (as materials are processed in the order in which they are received, we are not able to guarantee that they will be available for the first day of class if received after these dates):
    • Fall semester – August 10
    • Spring semester – December 20th
    • Summer session – May 16th
  • Please provide a complete, accurate list of items to be placed on reserve using one of the options below. Include a course syllabus with your request to help clarify any questions that arise.
  • Please notify us each semester when materials are needed. Items ARE NOT automatically “on reserve” for a subsequent semester.

More about print/audiovisual reserves

  • Reserve staff will retrieve Steenbock stack materials, except Reference or Periodicals, and move them to Reserves Collection.
  • Personal copies are accepted with owner’s name, address and phone. Barcode labels will be attached. Steenbock Library is not responsible for theft or damage.
  • Items not owned will be ordered whenever possible. Please SUBMIT REQUESTS EARLY!
  • To expedite book purchases, tell us when books have been ordered for students at local bookstores.

More about electronic reserves

  • The instructor placing materials on reserve is responsible for complying with all copyright requirements for published, copyrighted material prior to submission. For further information on electronic reserves, see the UW-Madison Libraries Policy on Electronic Reserve Access to Copyright-Protected Materials.
  • We typically include links to pdf files, articles in licensed resources such as electronic journals and files created by an instructor, such as Microsoft Powerpoint slides.

Removing materials from reserves

  • Unless we are notified to retain items for a subsequent semester, they are removed and returned to the stacks or the instructor automatically.
  • Electronic Reserve files are only available online during the semester course is being taught.
  • Please notify reserves staff before coming to retrieve personal materials. Materials will be de-processed and ready to go upon your arrival. Materials may also be returned via campus mail or truck service.