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Category: climate change

  • Wisconsin Science Festival (Oct 11-14)

    Posted on Oct 4th

    Visit the Wisconsin Science Festival event guide to plan your day (and month). While many events and programs will take place at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, […]

  • Land is Life, Tales from Planet Earth (Nov 3-5)

    Posted on Oct 18th

    Tales from Planet Earth is a film festival featuring films from around the world that have been curated to engage audiences in thoughtful […]

  • One Health Colloquium and Related Events

    Posted on Oct 12th

    “One Health” is a collaborative effort of professionals in the health sciences and affiliated disciplines who work to ‘attain optimal health for people, domestic animals, wildlife, […]

  • Citizen Science

    Posted on Feb 25th

    Citizen Science is an endeavor in which scientific knowledge is advanced through the collaboration of professional researchers with engaged members of the […]

  • Our Water, Our Future, Writing Contest

    Posted on Dec 4th

    Calling all Wisconsin writers (18 years and older)!  The “Our Water, Our Future” writing contest seeks short stories that speak to a […]

  • The Anthropocene Slam (Nov 8-10)

    Posted on Oct 30th

    We are living within a period of geologic time so qualified by the activity of humans upon the planet that scientists have […]

  • Tales from Planet Earth (Nov 1-3)

    Posted on Oct 22nd

    Tales from Planet Earth is a film festival featuring environmental films from around the world. From the fanciful to the profound, the […]

  • First Robin of Spring?

    Posted on Jan 25th

    In the depths of winter, many of us will eagerly seek any indication that spring will arrive, to note the promise of […]

  • Celebrating Forests for People

    Posted on Jan 28th

    The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests. This effort is intended to raise awareness and […]

  • Climate Change is Global Forum (Sept 18-19)

    Posted on Sep 17th

    The Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies, in collaboration with the Nelson Institute, will host a free public forum at the […]

  • Homeland Security Digital Library

    Posted on Jul 17th

    Agroterrorism, Climate Change, Energy, Pandemic & Avian Influenza, and Security, Food & Fuel, are among the Featured Topics in the full text […]

  • World Food Situation (FAO)

    Posted on Apr 22nd

    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) offers the latest information (news, reports and statistics) on food commodity prices, supply, demand, […]