Congratulations Graduates!

May 8, 2023

Our staff wishes you the best as you toss your mortar boards and transition from students to alumni. We hope that your university experience has enabled you to (1) discover new ideas and to hone your skills, (2) foster connections with a supportive network of friends, family and mentors, and (3) initiate a plan in which your time as a student is sturdy bedrock upon which you build your future. Tested, strong and resilient; you’ve got this!

To our student staff who have balanced their academic commitments with the work of our libraries, we will miss you terribly. It is with your contribution to our public services that our libraries keep the lights on and for as many hours as that access proves necessary for our campus community. We are proud of you and appreciative of the time you have spent with us.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements during the spring commencement ceremony.

On Wisconsin!

Photo Credit: “graduate_Bascom14_1930”, Jeff Miller, University of Wisconsin-Madison