Suggest the Next Go Big READ, Academic Year 2021-22

November 12, 2020

Read any good books lately?! Chancellor Rebecca Blank and a review committee of campus faculty, staff, students (and public librarians) are asking for your suggestions for the 2021-2022 Go Big Read program.

As a theme for this coming year, your suggestions–either fiction or nonfiction titles–should be those that examine contemporary issues.

Deadline is approaching fast! Submit your recommendations by completing the online form by November 30, 2020.

The ideal book selection should meet and exceed the following qualities:

  • Be readable (relevant, engaging, and well-written)
  • Appeal to readers with diverse backgrounds and experiences in order to facilitate discussions from different points of view (it could even have a Wisconsin connection by its topic or author affiliation)
  • Be conducive to teaching and learning with opportunities for integration into a wide variety of academic programs
  • Lend itself to a mix of activities and programming

Many previous selections continue to engage our community; the books listed on the Archive page can be requested from our campus and community public libraries.

Go Big Read will welcome your participation with this new book during the forthcoming academic year.

Read the Press Release.

Photo credit: “Chancellor_Convo19_6830”, Bryce Richter, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System