Wisconsin Science Festival Goes Virtual (Oct 15-18, 2020)

October 8, 2020

While we may be physically distant, we can still connect with many opportunities—including virtual interviews, demonstrations and tours hosted by the Wisconsin Science Festival.

During four days of statewide programming, you will meet the individuals behind the art and science who share an infectious enthusiasm for what they do–whether that be their work in the lab, field or studio.

For the adults in our research community, several programs may be of particular interest. These include “Big Ideas for Busy People: FutureScape”, a festival edition of WARF Essential Topics with Dr. Fleming Crim (Chief Operating Officer with NSF), and the “Media Dilemma” with Here We Are (science comedy podcast).

The Science Festival is held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Book Festival. From the book festival site, follow the tab to STEM to calendar these intersecting events.

Image acknowledgement: “Big Ideas for Busy People” series site logo, Wisconsin Science Festival, WID