How Bazaar

January 23, 2020

We are very excited about the UW-Madison Data Science Research Bazaar taking place on campus this week! Take a look at the many ways our UW Madison science and data librarians are involved in providing support at this event through planning, presentations, and resource sharing: 

  • Conference Planning Committee (Trisha Adamus, Cameron Cook)
  • Art exhibit: Science Seen (Cameron Cook) 


  • Reproducible Research: Practical Tools and Applications (Trisha Adamus, Ariel Andrea, Steve Meyer) 
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks at UW-Madison: Current and Prospective Users (Ariel Andrea)
  • Designing an Escape Room Game to Present Research Data Management Topics (Trisha Adamus, Cameron Cook, Dave Bloom, Karen Dunn, Jenifer Patiño, Casey Schacher) 
  • Career Flash Talk – UW Libraries (Heather Shimon) 
  • Barriers and Opportunities for Geospatial Support at UW-Madison (Jaime Martindale)

Resource Tables:

  • Grant Support (Ellen Jacks) 
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks  (Trisha Adamus, Ariel Andrea)
  • Patent and Trademark Resource Center (Dave Bloom) 
  • Research Data Services (Trisha Adamus, Cameron Cook, Jennifer Patiño, Heather Shimon)
  • UW-Madison Libraries – additional resources

Directory of library staff at the Bazaar (please feel free to contact us!)