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  • The Cairns Collection and Art History Curatorial Studies 2018

    Posted on Feb 12th

    Images from our holdings of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin figure in the exhibition at the Chazen Museum of Art curated by […]

  • The Russian Revolution of 1917

    Posted on Jul 26th

    We are pleased today to host participants in “Ten months that shook the world: Russia’s revolutions in a global perspective. A workshop […]

  • Romantic Circles — Newly Reviewed

    Posted on Jun 19th

    Katharine Van Arsdale’s recent “Internet review” in the June 2016 issue of College & research library news  of the web-based project “Romantic Circles” (itself celebrating its […]

  • As Viewed from a Book Truck: Holding History

    Posted on Nov 10th

    We hosted a scaled-down version of the Holding History series in Special Collections during Anthony Grafton’s recent visit to Madison. Grafton, Henry Putnam University […]

  • The Long S, Now Largely Extinct

    Posted on Oct 4th

    We had the opportunity last week to page through two volumes of our copy of Audubon’s double-elephant folio Birds of America with […]

  • Lunar Eclipses as Viewed from Special Collections

    Posted on Sep 27th

    Tonight’s lunar eclipse, which coincides with what is known as a harvest moon, prompts us to offer several examples of depictions of lunar eclipses […]

  • Holding History Kickoff Event

    Posted on Aug 12th

    We were delighted to welcome the July 21 kickoff Holding History event, which brought together campus and community partners and library donors with […]

  • Celebrating Shakespeare’s Birthday

    Posted on Apr 23rd

    On this, Shakespeare’s birthday, we celebrate as well the depth of the Peter Pauper Press Collection in the Department of Special Collections, […]

  • Snow Supplement

    Posted on Dec 23rd

    Since we in Madison are not destined to have much if any snow this week, enjoying instead temperatures in the upper 30s […]

  • The Mendota Seminar, the Works of Shakespeare, and Special Collections

    Posted on Jun 20th

    We are delighted to welcome to Special Collections one session of this summer’s Mendota Seminar and to continue our collaboration with Prof. […]

  • Last Week for Exhibit “On the Sunny Side”

    Posted on Oct 1st

    This will be the last week for our exhibit “On the Sunny Side,” showcasing books, periodicals, manuscripts, photographs, and other materials from […]

  • Geographies

    Posted on Dec 13th

    For this year’s annual meeting of the History of Science Society, Meridith Beck Sayre and Nicolas Jacobson, graduate students in history of […]