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Book Madness 2016

March 8, 2016
Bucky Badger fills out last year’s bracket.

It’s time for the 4th annual UW-Madison Libraries Book Madness bracket tournament. 64 books need our community to decide who will be crowned champion this year. Get all the information, including this year’s bracket, a description of each book, and how to participate, at http://go.wisc.edu/uwbookmadness/

Modeled after the NCAA Basketball tournament, UW-Madison Librarians have picked 64 books worth reading, and set them up in 4 regions:

  • Mean Streets & Park Avenue – Offers books that look at the grittier side of life, as well as books that look at how the upper-crust lives.
  • Short Stories & Doorstops – Looking for something quick, there are 8 titles of reknown collections of short-stories. But for heavy readers, there are books with over 1,000 pages that, while tough to put down, are also tough to carry around.
  • Modern Times & Timeless Issues – 2016 is an election year, and Modern Times covers many of issues that society is currently dealing with, whereas Timeless Issues focuses on stories written anywhere from 50 – 400 years ago, that are still relevant.
  • Apple for Teacher & School Daze – This region includes books about our teachers and mentors, who can be both superhuman, and simply human. But don’t forget about those who are being taught – School Daze has stories from the student perspective.
The Hobbit, the 2015 Book Madness Champion.
The Hobbit, the 2015 Book Madness Champion.

There are two ways to participate in UW Book Madness. Prior to the tournament, anyone can fill out a bracket, attempting to predict which books will advance throughout the tournament.

Once the tournament begins, individuals can vote on which books should advance in the tournament. Twice a week – coinciding with the rounds of the basketball tournament – winning titles will advance to the next round, until the final title is crowned the 2016 Champion!

To participate in the pre-tournament, participants can print out a bracket or pick one up at many UW-Madison Library locations. Players must return a completed bracket by March 15 either to one of these locations in-person, or via snail-mail or email. The completed bracket with the highest score will win a gift card.

Visit http://go.wisc.edu/uwbookmadness for all Book Madness needs.

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