UW Book Madness 2017


Third round voting is open – click here to vote now for the Sweet 16!

Welcome to the 2017 UW-Madison Libraries’ Book Madness Tournament! Each year, our librarians select 64 books and pit them against each other in a bracket breakout. Download the full bracket here. Vote for your favorites to win each round and ultimately the 2017 UW Book Madness title.

Students, campus staff, faculty, library staff, and community members can fill out and submit brackets ahead of time. Participants with the bracket that most closely forecasts the outcomes of the book match-ups will win a gift card.

This is the fifth year of UW Book Madness, and so in addition to 48 titles that we have never featured, we brought back 16 titles from the previous 4 years that did well, but didn’t win. There are many good titles in that group, but they have to get past each other to have a shot at the title.

It is time to vote for your favorite books!

Vote for the third round of books now!

Which book in each pairing do you think should advance in the tournament?

Round 3 ends Friday night at midnight, and Round 4 begins Saturday morning.