LCGS Teaching Units Recordings

This page hosts links to all of the musical recordings referenced in the teaching units. Tracks can be streamed or downloaded. If you are using Firefox as your internet browser, please right-click on the music player to save a copy of the track as a MP3 file.

Unit 1

1. Lost Jimmie Whalen

2. Driving Saw Logs on the Plover

3. Little Brown Bulls

4. Shantyman’s Life

5. Paul Bunyan Schottische

6. Swamper’s Revenge On The Windfall

7. Couderay Jig

8. Lumberjack Dance Tune

9. Hounds in the Woods

10. The River in the Pines

Unit 2

1. Flute Song

2. 49 Song

3. Svetkova Alej / The Prune Song

4. Baruška Polka

5. Matuś moja, matuś / Mommy, My Mommy

6.1. Nikolina (Olle I Skratthult)

6.2. Nikolina (Slim Jim)

7.Bodaj By Vaś / Doggone You Young Fellows

8. Cuckoo Yodel Song (Not yet available)

9. Sinoć Ši Meni Rekla / Last Night You Told Me

10. Muurarin Valssi / Mason’s Waltz

Unit 3

1a. My Spirit Friend

1b. Commentary: Composing “My Spirit Friend”

2a. Woodland Flute

2b. Commentary: The Woodlands Flute

3. Tsaytkatho / Behold What God Has Given Us

4. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

5a. I Know I Am A Child Of God

5b. Commentary: Growing up in Mississippi with the “Dr. Watts” gospel tradition

6. Be Careful With Your Soul

7. Save My Soul

8. One More River

9. We Offer Bread And Wine

10a. The Qeej

10b. Commentary 1: Social and religious functions of the Hmong Qeej

10c. Commentary 2: Relationship between the Hmong language and Hmong music

10d. Commentary 3: Heritage and martial arts in Hmong music

11. Ólafur reið með björgum fram / Olafur Rode Beneath the Cliffs

Unit 4

1. Sian Tappajaiset / Pig Butchering

2. The Pig Schottische

3. Y Mochyn Du / The Black Pig

4. Ennen Mä Hyppään Kuuseen Ja Mäntyyn

5. Oh Susanna Schottische

Unit 5

1. Ennen Mä Hyppään Kuuseen Ja Mäntyyn

2. Oh Susanna Schottische

3. Alaj Gigi

4. Croatian Kolo

5. Swiss Landler

6. St. Paul Waltz

7. Waltz Varsuienne

8. Grudne Boli / Dream Waltz

9. The Concertina Galop