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Cover of John W. Barker's 2017 book The Pro Arte Quartet

John W. Barker’s book is an historical overview of the Pro Arte Quartet, which was founded in 1912 and has been in residence at University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1940.

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  • Just a few thousand of our LPs for #libraryshelfieday. #lps #thepluralofvinylisvinyl #millsmusiclibrary
  • Musicians have been marking scores and parts for as long as they’ve been able, adding fingerings, bowings, breath marks, circling dynamics, drawing arrows to specific notes, and writing reminders or suggestions on the interpretive approach to apply. An anonymous tubist felt compelled to add “Evil Imp” above the passage bridging measures 20 & 21 on the tuba part for our copy of Jan Koetsier’s Sonatina, Op. 57, per tuba e pianoforte [M265 K638 op.57 R4]. #scoremarks #scoremarking #jankoetsier #tubist #evilimp #millsmusiclibrary
  • Happy New Year! New Book. Community Custodians of Popular Music’s Past: A DIY Approach to Heritage, by Sarah Baker. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2018. [ML3470 .B355 2018] All humans make music, and it’s up to humans to document and preserve the material history of the musics we create. Baker, an Associate Professor of Cultural Sociology at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, draws on interviews and observations with founders, volunteers and heritage workers in 23 DIY institutions in Australasia, Europe and North America. #popularmusicstudies #musicarchives #diyarchives #museumstudies #millsmusiclibrary
  • “Snowflake” has become a politicized insult in recent years, but sometimes a snowflake is just a feathery ice crystal falling from the sky. Snowflakes are falling on Madison today, so we’re pulling out this polka titled Glittering Snowflakes, by Danish playwright, composer, actor, dancer, and dance master Eduard Holst (1843-1899)—whose name was sometimes spelled Edward or Edvard. It was published in 1903 by Joseph Flanner, Milwaukee, and is in our Wisconsin Sheet Music Collection, part of our Wisconsin Music Archives. Full scan available on @uwdigitalcollections [ID: WiscSheetMus.wsm0802.bib] #glitteringsnowflakes #josephflanner #eduardholst #wisconsinsheetmusiccollection #wisconsinmusicarchives #millsmusiclibrary
  • Odeon 17140-A, a polka titled Bobeček, recorded by the group Kapela pana Hermana, Praha, a 78rpm record from the Ford Porter Collection. Filip Šír, Department of Digitization and New Media, National Museum, Czech Republic, visited us earlier this year when he came to the United States on a research trip funded by an ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections) Research Grant to find out how he and his colleagues could help to preserve the sound cultural heritage of the Czech diaspora, and this is one of many Czech (Bohemian) 78s he was excited to encounter. Šír wrote about his visit for an article in the Number 145, Fall/Winter 2017 issue of the ARSC Newsletter. There is a story on our home page about this, with a link to the ARSC Newsletter page on their site. Link in bio. #czechpolka #odeonrecords #kapelapanahermana #bohemianband #78rpm #78s #arsc #fordportercollection #millsmusiclibrary