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Label for Banner 78rpm side B-547 A, "Beit mich a bissele"

Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture project to highlight selections from the Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings

Porcelain figures of a Scandinavian fiddler and a piper

Free and Open to the Public! April 12-14, 2018. Two days of panel presentations, two nights of Scandinavian Folk Music concerts, and a community dance at Folklore Village.

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  • Clyde Stubblefield was born 75 years ago today, April 18, 1943, in Chattanooga, TN. He moved to Madison in 1971, and lived here until he passed away— February 18, 2017. He became famous for his drumming during his years in James Brown’s band, 1965-1970, and his drum break in “Funky Drummer” (recorded 11/20/69 at King Studios, Cincinnati, OH) became one of the most sampled drum breaks to be used by hip-hop and pop music artists after Hank Shocklee began adding it to tracks for Public Enemy in the early 1980s. Benjamin Franzen and Kembrew McLeod, the filmmakers who made the 2009 documentary Copyright Criminals came to Madison to interview Stubblefield for their film, and honored him by creating a box set version: The Funky Drummer Edition [DVD 955 Wisconsin Music Archives]. The set includes a 12-inch record of Stubblefield’s Ultimate Breaks and Beats, and the bonus DVD includes an extended interview with Stubblefield—in addition to many other special features. #clydestubblefield #funkydrummer #copyrightcriminals #wisconsinmusicarchives #millsmusiclibrary
  • New Book. On Site, In Sound: Performance Geographies in América Latina, by Kirstie A. Dorr. Durham: Duke University Press, 2018. [ML3917 .L29 D677 2018] Dorr, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego, examines the spatiality of sound and the ways in which the sonic is bound up in perceptions and constructions of geographic space. This book is part of Refiguring American Music, a series edited by Josh Kun and UW-Madison’s Ron Radano. #performancegeographies #americalatina #soundstudies #ethnomusicology #latinamericanstudies #ethnicstudies #millsmusiclibrary
  • According to this song from our Americana Sheet Music Collection, the spirit of spring comes from fairyland. America’s Dairyland feels far away from wherever that may be right now. W. Langton Williams set the poetry of the eponymous Leila for this 1867 song, and School of Music Professor (and folksong collector) Helene Stratman-Thomas received this copy in 1946. Full scan available on @uwdigitalcollections [ID: Americana.am1363.bib] #spiritofspring #fairyland #helenestratmanthomas #americanasheetmusiccollection #millsmusiclibrary
  • This display contains many examples of what is right in Mills Music Library, in keeping with the theme of tonight’s final SoundWaves event of the 2017-2018 academic year. Mead-Witter School of Music Professor Dan Grabois created this event series six years ago, and continues to curate each one around a theme, and he has the right stuff when it comes to choosing speakers and musicians.  #soundwaves #dangrabois #rightyouare #righton #rightnow #millsmusiclibrary
  • LeRoy Larson spoke about his lifetime of playing, teaching, and recording music this afternoon on a panel titled Recording Nordic Musical Traditions, to open the 2018 World Records Symposium, which is happening in Memorial Library, Room 126. He’s performing this evening on a concert of Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American music at University Club, 7:30-9:30pm. Pictured: LeRoy Larson and the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble plays Scandinavian-American Old Time [LP 792216], a 1975 release on Larson’s label Banjar Records. Larson is far left, banjo in hand. #leroylarson #minnesotascandinavianensemble #worldrecords18 #worldrecordssymposium #banjarrecords #millsmusiclibrary