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Mills Music Library adds over 105,000 catalog records for streaming audio recordings in Naxos Music Library to Library Catalog.

Norwegian wood carving figurines

Mills Music Library co-sponsors symposium on Nordic traditional arts, May 2–4, 2019, at Monona Terrace Convention Center. Free and open to the public!

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  • New Book. Communicating Hip-Hop: How Hip-Hop Culture Shapes Popular Culture, by Nick J. Sciullo. Santa Barbara, California: Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2019. [ML3918.R37 S3 2019] Sciullo, Assistant Professor of Communications, Texas A&M University, Kingsville, considers hip-hop
  • Mad Folk News is published monthly by the Madison Folk Music Society, a non-profit volunteer-led society dedicated to fostering folk music in the Madison area. [ML1 .M126] We have issues going back to 1979 in our Wisconsin Music Archives. The May 2019 issue (Volume 45 No. 5) includes an announcement about local legends Lou and Peter Berryman’s new album OK, So Far... and information about a new festival called Irish Fest in The Barn, which is happening this coming Sunday, May 26, in Sugarland Barn, Arena, WI. #madfolknews #madisonfolkmusicsociety #folkmusic #louandpeterberryman #irishfestinthebarn #wisconsinmusicarchives #millsmusiclibrary
  • We continue to process materials we have received for our Cuca Records Collection all the time. We think this LP has one of the most distinctive covers in the entire Cuca Records catalog. Birdlegs, by Birdlegs and Pauline, with The Versitility Birds, Cuca K-4000. [LP 798112] We believe this was released in 1964. We’re not sure why “Versatility” is misspelled on the back cover, or why The Versatility Birds are referred to as The Birdettes on the publicity photo, but we’re sure the music is stirring soulful R&B. From the jacket: “This twosome has reached wonderful success in the entertainment world. It started back in 1956 when, after winning many talent contests, Birdlegs (we call him “Bird”—Pauline calls him “Legs”—but his real name is Sidney Banks) and Pauline decided to give it a try and went ‘pro.’” They were from Rockford, Illinois. The stamp on the back cover suggests this was a promotional copy sent out by Jim Kirchstein, given that WVLR was a radio station he originated in 1964, in the same building where he set up Cuca Records in Sauk City, WI. WVLR stood for Wisconsin’s Very Live Radio. We also have this album on CD, thanks to Jim Kirchstein giving us a CD he made of it in 2001, to which he added both sides of their 1963 hit single “Spring” b/w “So Many Ways.” [COMP DISC 11119] The folks at @thenumerogroup added this to Spotify last year, so head there to listen if you can’t make it into the library. #birdlegs #birdlegsandpauline #cucarecords #wvlr #cucarecordscollection #wisconsinmusicarchives #millsmusiclibrary
  • Summer doesn’t begin officially until June 21 in the northern hemisphere, but we have several summer projects underway already. Some involve sorting donations—searching to see if we already have the item, or if another library in the University of Wisconsin system does, and sometimes comparing the condition of the donated copy with what we already have, then deciding whether or not to add it to our collections. This is all part of collection development. We do this work year-round, but we take advantage of the relative calm during summer to focus for longer. What we choose not to add we give to the Friends of the @uwmadlibraries for their semiannual book sales. We appreciate donations! #librarydonations #collectiondevelopment #summerprojects #millsmusiclibrary
  • Władziu Valentino Liberace, better known as simply Liberace, was born 100 years ago today in West Allis, Wisconsin. Mr. Showmanship gained worldwide fame once he broke through in Las Vegas, but he developed his musical talent in Milwaukee with the help of music teacher Florence Kelly. We have many of Liberace’s recordings as part of our Wisconsin Music Archives, and numerous books about him as well. We have pulled a few out and put them on display to celebrate his centennial. #liberace #liberace100 #wisconsinmusicarchives #millsmusiclibrary