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R.W. Rozelle Collection



’72 Special march

Some fun march

Transition march

West’s best march

Sound recordings

performed by the Highlander Concert Band unless noted otherwise

Fuzzy march (1956) (Medford Band)

KRN march (1958) (Wausau Symphony)

Highlander’s fight (1961) (recorded 1968)

Great Scot march (1964)

Plaid march (1965)

Silo march (1966)

True blue march (1967)

KRN march (1956) (recorded 1968)

Buddy Bear march (1969)

West’s best march (1970)

West school song march (1971) (Medford Band)

Transition march (1971)

’72 Special march (1972)

Some fun march (1973)

Hold it march (1974)

West Side march (recorded 1975)

Highlander’s fight (rev. 1976) (Medford Band)