John Barrows Collection : Original Manuscripts

This is a list of the original compositions from the John Barrows Collection in the Mills Music Library. His arrangements are not included here. All pieces are manuscript unless otherwise designated. Some pieces may be incomplete. There are also numerous pages of sketches among the collection. The dates provided are taken from information on the manuscript.

Abstraction for cello and piano, score (1934)

BSS no. II [sketch]

BSS no. III [sketch]

Cadenza for 3d Mozart, score

Chorus I Hamlet for SATB, score

Chorus II Hamlet for SATB, score

Christmas Suite for horn and piano, op. 6, no. 2, score (1931)

Concertino for piano and chamber orchestra, score (1937)

Fanfare #1 [for 3 trumpets], score

Los Finados for cello and piano, score & part (1934)

First Solo [for horn and piano?], score

Four Horns Jazz Style”, piano score

Fugue in d minor [for piano] (1930)

Invention no. 1 [for piano], photocopy

Invention no. 2 [for piano], photocopy

Minuet in g minor [for orchestra], score

Minuetto for violin, cello, and piano, score (1930)

Romanze for horn and piano, op. 4, score (1931)

Scherzo [for orchestra], score (1931)

Second Solo [for horn and piano?], score

Solitude [Nocturne, alternate title?] for strings, harp, and English horn, score (1934)

Sonata in a minor for horn and piano, score (1934)

Sonatina for piano (ozalid print) (1938)

String Quartet, parts

String Quartet no. 2, score

Suite in Classic Form

Three Small Works for piano (1932)

Trumpet Fanfare [for 3 trumpets], score

[Untitled] sonata? for horn and piano in Eb, score

[Untitled] suite for piano (1933)

Variations on a Theme for string quartet and horn, score & parts