Harry Partch Collection


Windsong (1958) 19p., manuscript score, string and paper binding

Rotate the body in all its planes (1961) 38p., unbound manuscript score

The wayward (revised version). “Barstow,” 1935–1941, rev. 1955 ; “San Francisco,” 1943 ; “The Letter,” 1943 ; “US Highball,” 1943, rev. 1955 ; “Ulysses at the Edge,” 1955. 85p., unbound manuscript score with cover boards

“Manual on the maintenance and repair of – and the musical and attitudinal techniques for – some putative muscal instruments” 47p., unbound typescript in folder ; marked “NEW (revised)”

“Photographs of instruments built by Harry Partch and heard in his recorded music” 16p., stapled ; introduction by Harry Partch, copyright 1957

8”x10” photograph “Kithara (Instrument by Harry Partch)”

Program, Partch lecture-demonstration at Orvis Auditorium, July 9, 1971

“Four films with emphasis on the music of Harry Partch” 4p., advertising brochure? 2 copies

“Genesis of a music” 6p, reprinted from High Fidelity, July 1963

“Delusion of the fury: a ritual of dream and delusion” 8p., stapled ; 2 copies

“The forgotten visionary” by Jonathan Cott, 6p., photocopy from Rolling Stone, April 11, 1974

Film news, February 1973 ; includes a review by Darrell E. Flugg of Partch’s Delusion of the Fury (p. 15)

“Harry Partch” by Ken Spiker, 4p., torn from unknown magazine

“A prophet honored” by Paul D. Zimmerman, 1p., torn from Newsweek, September 23, 1968

Well tempered notes, November, 1974 (Harry Partch memorial issue) 4p.

Letter from Pozzi Escot to Ms. Madeline Tourtelot, June 12, 1972, 1p., attached to program for “Hidden Sounds of America” and a telegram

Letter from Madeline Tourtelot to Pozzi Escot, June 26, 1972, 1p.

Project grant application, National Endowment for the Arts, March 25, 1970, 11p., stapled, “To form a resident and national touring repertory company dedicated to performance of the operas and lesser musical works of Harry Partch…”

5”x8” photograph, “Harry Partch”

Miscellaneous Partch-related newspaper clippings, 14 items from a variety of newspapers

8 audio discs (12”, glass base, 78-rpm). Compositions by Harry Partch recorded at the home of Prof. Warren Gilson in Madison, Wis. The same works were performed Feb. 28, March 7 and May 3, 1945 at Music Hall, UW-Madison.