Donald Whitaker Collection (1960-1976)



Arnold Jacobs tuba recital, Aug. 4, 1965 (2 reels). Vaughan-Williams Concerto ; Roger Vaghn Concert piece ; Strauss Horn concerto no. 1

Eastman School of Music Brass Quintet concert, no date. Verne Reynolds Suite ; Jack End Three salutations ; Ludwig Mauer Three pieces

Donald Whitaker recitals

WHA Recording Service, Jan. 10, 1968 (2 reels). John Tittle Sonata (Arthur Becknell, piano) ; Wilhelm Ramsoe Quartet no. 5 ; Darius Milhaud Concertino d’Hiver (with Mike George, trumpet ; John Barrows, horn ; Neil Sirman, trombone)

WHA Recording Service, Jan. 10, 1969 (2 reels). D’Indy Suite in olden style (with Pro Arte Quartet and string bass)

From WHA-TV recital, Quintet and Muehlemans, March 3, 1963. William Reynolds Suite(?)

Recital (brass trio), Jan. 14, 1963. Kaminsky Concertino ; Sanders Trio (with John Barrows, horn ; John Leisenring, trombone)

National Victor’s Festival Prelude, no date. Whitney Concertino – trumpet ; Bozza Variations (University Woodwind Quintet)

Morphy Hall, March 10, 1972. Chavez Soli for ob., trpt., cl., bsn (with Carolyn Pollak ; Glenn Bowen ; Richard Lottridge)

Madison Symphony, March 26, 1960. Frank Martin Concerto for 7 winds, perc. & strings

untitled, no date (2 reels ; “Tape A” Irish Tape box ; “Tape B” Channel Master box)

WHA Recording Service, Dec. 2, 1969. Part I – Wingra Quintet. [Robert] Nagel Brass trio II, Nov. 19, 1969 (Bb trumpet) ; Part II – Trumpet and voice. Purcell, Nov. 21, 1969 (F trumpet)

Mills Auditorium, Nov. 1, 1974. Boris Blacher Divertimento for trumpet, trombone, and piano (with Arthur Becknell, piano ; William Richardson, trombone)

Mills Aud., Feb. 8, 1976. Boris Blacher Divertimento for trumpet, trombone and piano (with William Richardson, trombone ; Ellen Burmeister, piano)

untitled, May 12, 1960. Leonard Lebow First suite quintet (with Jim Kowalsky, trumpet ; Bill Endle, horn ; Jerry Abraham, bass trombone ; Jim Knutson, horn)

Brass ensemble with Madison Municipal Band, May 11, 1961. (with Jim [Kowalsky], trumpet ; Bill [Endle] ; Jerry [Abrahams], bass trombone ; Jim [Knutson], horn

Brass quintet coached by Prof. Whitaker

Recordings of the WSMA Contest list of required brass quintets, between Dec. 1964 and Feb. 1965 (5 reels). (Ken DeVoe and Steve Stohl, trumpets ; Kathy Trnka, horn ; William Richardson, trombone ; Gene Anderson, tuba)