David C. Peterson Collection (ca. 1960-1995)

Container list

Box 1

Skillet, ballot and book ; performance materials; video tape, cassette tape, and reel-to-reel tapes

Milwauky’s all the rage ; performance materials and reel-to-reel tapes

72 audio cassettes containing recorded performances of Peterson’s works

LP recordings: Hear that whistle blow (2 copies); Badger ballads (2 copies); Ice cream seven times a day (2 copies); Hodag

Box 2

Sandburg Land; performance materials and reel-to-reel tapes. Rootabagas! performance materials

Old world Wisconsin; performance materials

The Devil to pay; performance materials; 3 reel-to-reel tapes

Box 3

Individual file folders of folksongs; many are mimeographed copies

Box 4

To find our piece of ground; research materials; music; 3 audio cassettes

Heritage Ensemble; programs and bookings; cast lists; kudos; promotional materials

“Original Badger Folksong Society.”

Box 5

Audio reel-to-reel tapes (20); videocassette tapes (2); U-matic video tapes (7)

Box 6

To find our piece of ground; scripts; video tape performance

To find our piece of ground; booking notes; photographs; Teacher Resource Manual

To find our piece of ground; script; booking information; reviews

Charles K. Harris; script & music; research materials

Great Lakes folk song research

Box 7

America’s minstrel: a musical portrait of Woody Guthrie; performance materials.

Mine eyes have seen the glory; performance materials

Badger 49ers; performance materials

Kaintuck on the wolf; performance and research materials

Hear that whistle blow!; performance materials

Door folk; performance materials

Great Dane; performance materials

Box 8

The Canada I know; performance materials

How now sacred cow; performance materials

Daylight in the swamp; performance materials

Badger ballads; performance materials; cartoons

Song of the inland seas; performance materials

And if elected; performance materials

Uncle Sam’s farm; performance materials

Box 9

Miss Lulu; performance materials

Athens on the isthmus; performance materials; programs; newspaper clippings

Steamboat ’round the bend; performance materials

Miscellaneous play scripts: Passions’s poet; Cameron Dam; Maggie mine; Miss Lulu Bett (new version)

Passion’s poet; scripts; reel-to-reel and audio cassette tape

Kilbourn musical; performance materials; audio cassette

Peddlers of progress; performance materials

Folk carols of Christmas; performance materials

Trail of the serpent; performance materials

Box 10

Ice cream seven times a day: performance materials; instrumental parts

Box 11

Hodag: performance materials; instrumental parts

Box 12

Town hall tonight; performance materials

Straddlebug (series of musical plays adapted from stories of Hamlin Garland); “The Ripleys,” “Flaxen,” “Bacon and the preacher”

Tunes of trial and triumph; performance materials.

UW songs, School of Music Anniversary, 1985; materials for performance at anniversary celebration and production of cassette tape; audio tape

Miscellaneous manuscript songs, script for Rollin’ National Road, materials for Get up and go

Dibadjimo; performance materials, 1 video tape

Box 13

Down river; script, vocal book, instrumental parts, conductor’s score, misc, 45 rpm recording

Boxes 14—15

Reel-to-reel tapes of performances

Town hall tonight videocassette

Box 16

Down river; score (multiple copies); A film of Song of the inland seas

Box 17


Box 18 : Photographs

Athens on the isthmus
Badger ballads
Ice cream seven times a day
Daylife; TV production
The Devil to pay
Down river
Flaxen; TV production
Free train
Heritage Ensemble, 1985, Advocate
Heritage Ensemble, 1972
Heritage Ensemble, 1972, Peninsula Park
Heritage Ensemble, 1987, Spring
Heritage Ensemble, 1987 (?), 1
Heritage Ensemble, 1987 (?), 2
Heritage Ensemble, 1987 (?), 3
Heritage Ensemble, Misc., 1
Heritage Ensemble, Misc., 2

Box 19 : Photographs

Heritage Ensemble, Misc., 3
How now sacred cow
Song of the inland seas; 1970, Summer
Song of the inland seas; TV
Straddlebug; stage production
Town hall tonight; original studio production
Town hall tonight; USO
Town hall tonight; TV production
US farm; TV production
Hear that whistle blow; TV production
Hear that whistle blow; 1972, Fall
Hear that whistle blow; 1973, USO