Cuca Records Collection

Container List

SERIES I: Manuscript Materials

      Box 1 (May 2018 accession)

            Music Publishers Agreements – Titles A – Z

            Music Publishers Agreements – Release numbers 45s

            Music Publishers Agreements – Release numbers LPs

      Box 2 (May 2018 accession)

            Music Publishers Agreements – Release numbers LPs (cont.)

            Music Publishers Agreements – Release numbers custom LPs

            Music Publishers Agreements – Misc.

            approx. 100 index cards (LPs by artist)

      Box 3 (May 2018 accession)

            1 ledger

            1 folder stationary, blank contracts, label mock-ups

            Cuca 45 master lists

            Cuca spreadsheet

            BMI clearance

            Copyrights ; miscellaneous forms ; trademarks

            AM Music–logos, important, brochures


            Cuca history

      Box 4 (May 2018 accession)

            Mechanical license requests

            UK royalty reports

            Copyright info

            © (p)

            Copyrights © (p) important

            Cuca publishing

            Publishing/artists forms 60s

            Publishing © (p) etc.

            © (p) copyrights publishing

            Make mine old time

            Ethnic music prog.

            Special articles–polka

            Auditions, major companies

      Box 5 (May 2018 accession)


            Greg Drust


            Joe de Cimber




            Russ Allen

            KS2151 Psalms


            Guys & gals KS-2150

            Frances L. Burton

            KS 2153 Ludgar Karman

            Maggie Sather KTC 1000

            Liebl KTV-8

            Sales – retail


            Forms, masters, schedules

            AMC- responses to mfg. letter

            Printing – AMC

            Manufacturing – AMC

            Mailing list – software co.s

            Mailing list – radio – TV stations – Wis.

            Mailing list, record mfg. & studios

            Mailing list – booking agencies

            Correspondence relating to professional eng.

      Box 6 (May 2018 accession)

            Acct rvb – spec. wic. pend.

            Misc rvbs, commercial

            AMC – acct. pub. records

            AMC – custom costs & mailing lists


            AMC mailing lists

            AMC [illegible]




            Stationary – pers.

            MSN folk news, etc.

      Box 7 (May 2018 accession)

            Cuca catalog of albums 1971-1972

            UW class notes


            AMC – raw material supplies

            AMC – correspondence w/ nationwide co.

            AMC correspondence

            Active file – AMC

            Misc complated

            AMC – custom services costs

            AMC – data

            Past correspondence – old accts., etc.

            Record prod. price schedules

            American Music Corporation

            Dan Miller, Madison Youth Festival

            Special schematics

      Box 8 (May 2018 accession)

            American Music – logos

            Promotional materials

            Active file on AMC, JK, etc.

            Studio equipment

            Technical [illegible]

            Legal – misc.

            BMI registration

            JK royalties income

            Numero Uno Group

      Box 9 (May 2018 accession)

            AMC inventories – listings

            Memorabilia 1999

            Cuca/AMC memorobilia

      Box 10 (May 2018 accession)

            Inventory of masters

            Rago KCD 9299

            KCG 1000 Ozzie

            AMCCS 100 Vandenberg

            AMC 99 pd. invoices


            Equipment (personal) sold

            Cuca discography – listings

            Misc Cuca historical, pulled 6/02

            Artists info.

      Box 11 (May 2018 accession)

            Cuca historical



      Box 12 (May 2018 accession)


            BBC – need follow-up

            Royalties to artists – follow-up needed

            Joakim Finn


            Collector Records – Cees Klop


            Historic pix, etc.

            Roy Olsson – collectibles

            Sebastian Danchin

            AMC – foreign inquiries

            Black Magic [Records]

            Red Lightnin’

            Publishing – catalog lists

      Box 13 (May 2018 accession)

            Kirchstein Publishing – BMI, mechanical licenses

            Muleskinner blues royalties

            American Music

            Royalties – active

            Contracts – active

            New mechanical licenses

            Contracts – important

            Cuca Records – history, contacts

            Dave Travis

      Box 14 (May 2018 accession)

            Dave Travis – new

            Cuca contacts

            Cuca-AMC-royalties, etc.

            Cuca CD programs

            Pickwick & misc.

            Muleskinner royalties

            AMC contracts, leasing, etc.


            Misc. papers

            Copyrights, trademarks


            Kirchstein Publishing Co

      Box 15 (May 2018 accession)

            Old contracts

            Artist royalties 2006-2012

            Copyrights – comp. form E’s

            Kirchstein Publishing mechanical rights


            Dave Travis

            Special contracts

            Artist contracts

      Box 16 (accession date unknown)

            Folder 1 – Jim Kirchstein interviewed index

            Folder 2 – Kirchstein Publishing Records, 1960-1965

            Folder 3 – Kirchstein Publishing Records, 1964-

            Folder 4 – Cuca Artists Lists, 45s

            Folder 5 – Master tape track lists

            Folder 6 – LP and 45 title lists and inventories

            Folder 7 – Cuca Records press

            Folder 8 – Published catalogs

            Folder 9 – Photographs: Cuca Records Collection at Mills Music Library

            Folder 10 – Record pressing purchase orders

            Folder 11 – Records of pressings from Cuca plant

            Folder 12 – Miscellaneous record title lists

            Folder 13 – List of Records Donated by Kirchstein to UW–Baraboo, 1969


      Box 1 (May 2018 accession)

            digital files, personal, Cuca, ADS

            51 optical discs

            22 flash drives

            5 micro cards

      Box 2 (May 2018 accession)

            110 slides (LP covers)

            approx. 300 color photographs & negatives (LP covers)

            1 T-shirt “Kirchsteins Super Market”

      Box 3 (May 2018 accession)

            21 black and white photographs

      Box 4 (accession date unknown)

            3 master tapes, KS-7000, University Singers

      Boxes 5-12 (accession date unknown)


                  K prefixes

                  AAEA, CA, EX and MMOT prefixes

                  no number

                  Goose Island Ramblers rehearsals (11 discs)

                  Goose Island Ramblers Book of Music (7 disc compilation)

      Boxes 13-16 (November 1992 accession)

            Cassette dubs from 45 masters

                  numbers 680-871


                  Green numbers

                  Red number

                  Misc. numbers

      Box 17-26 (November 1992 accession)

            Cassette dubs from LP masters

                  K prefixes

                  AAEA, CWM and PSA prefixes

                  Jim Kirchstein interview by Jim Leary

      Boxes 27-29


                  J prefixes

                  S prefixes

audio greeting card

      Boxes 30-35


                  K prefixes

                  EX, PR and PSA prefixes

                  no number

      Box 36