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Charles H. Mills Collection (ca. 1900-1937)

Container list

Box 1

Folder 1: Description

Folder 2: Article, poems, letters

Folder 3: Masque of the golden scroll

Folder 4: Ode to St. Cecilia

Folder 5: Awake, Sweet Rose

Folder 6: Published works

Folder 7: Fugue and counterpoint examples, 1

Folder 8: Fugue and counterpoint examples, 2

Box 2

Folder 1: Notebook of music sketches

Folder 2: Wreck of the Hesperus

Folder 3: Battle of Jury

Folder 4: Come Holy Ghost = Veni Creator spritus

Folder 5: Come tell me

Folder 6: Fear no more the heat of the sun

Folder 7: Festival overture in E

Folder 8: Fugue for 8 voices

Folder 9: Fugue for organ

Folder 10: If thou art sleeping

Folder 11: Kelma

Folder 12: Life, symphonic poem

Folder 13: Magnificat in F

Folder 14: Norwegian love song

Folder 15: Serenade

Folder 16: Were I to be a rose

Folder 17: Whoso dwelleth under the defense of the most high

Folder 18: Unidentified sketches for chorus

Box 3

Folder 1: Notes on fugal writing

Folder 2: English madrigal singing

Folder 3: Motet sketches

Folder 4: Counterpoint examples

Folder 5: Misc. compositions

Folder 6: Misc. compositions, sketches, exercises