Audiophile Records Collection


AP-2   Organ music : Liszt, Reger, Vierne (Robert Noehren)

AP-7    Loring Nichols and his band

AP-8    Loring Nichols and his band

AP- 9   Tocatta and fugue in D minor ; Tocatta and fugue in E  minor / J.S. Bach (Robert Noehren)

AP-10  Easy listening. Vol. 1 (Sid Nierman)

AP-13  Easy listening. Vol. 2 (Red Doughtery Trio  ; Red Doughtery Quintet)

AP-14  Chicago Symphony Woodwind Quintet in concert

AP-15  Masterworks of quintet literature (Chicago Symphony Woodwind Quintet)

AP-16  Contest repertory highlights (Chicago Symphony Woodwind Quintet)

AP-17  Encore! (Chicago Symphony Woodwind Quintet)

AP-20  Echoes of the storm  ; Crazy quilt

AP-21  Suite for Brass (Chicago Symphony Brass Ensemble)

AP-22  Divertimento no. 7 in D major, K. 205 / Mozart (Musart String Quartet)

AP-27  Easy listening. Vol. 3 (Red Doughtery Sextet)

AP-28  Piano artistry (Knocky Parker)

AP-29  Traditional jazz. Vol. 4 (Doc Evans)

AP-31  Cornet artistry (Doc Evans)

AP-32  Symphony in brass (Chicago Brass Ensemble)

AP-33  Traditional jazz. Vol. 6 (Knocky Parker ; Doc Evans)

AP-34  Traditional jazz. Vol. 7 (Knocky Parker ; Doc Evans)

AP-35  Easy listening. Vol. 4 (Bobby Hannack)

AP-36  Music of the 17th century (Ancient String Instrument Ensemble)

AP-37  Adventures in cacophony

AP-41  Organ music of Germany (Robert Noehren)

AP-43  Unexpurgated jazz (Eddie Burleton’s Rompers)

AP-44  Traditional jazz (Doc Evans and his band)

AP-46  Breezin’ along with the breeze (Arthur Kay Ensemble)

AP-48  Mira music box

AP-50  Classics of the ’20s (Doc Evans and his band)

AP-52  Organ music of the Lutheran Church  (Robert Noehren)

AP-53  Concert by the Fleury Trio

AP-56  Muskrat ramble (Doc Evans and his Dixieland band)

AP-57  The sweetest since Gabriel (Doc Evans)

AP-58  Sonata in D major / Mozart (Arthur Dann)

AP-64  Chapel bells (Gertrude Stillman)

AP-70  Mozart horn duos, K. 487 (Christopher Leuba ; Paul Binstock ; Lenox String Quartet) (mono)

AP-84  Knocky Parker and his Backwoods Boys

AP-90  Golden treasury of ragtime (Knocky Parker)

AP-95  Doc Evans at the Gaslight

AP-97  Up the creek with the Riverboat Ramblers

AP-110 Mozart horn duos, K. 487 (Christopher Leuba ; Paul Binstock ; Lenox String Quartet) (stereo)

AP-106 Flamenco (El Curro)

APS-5961  Music with the modern touch (Herbert Pilhofer, his trio and nonet)

APS-5967  Chasing rainbows (Lake Shore Four)

APS-5980  Salt City Six plays the classics in Dixieland

XL-325  Dixieland jazz (Harry Blons and his band)

XL-326  Syncopated chamber music (Red Nichols and his band)

XL-327  Easy listening (Red Dougherty Groups ; Harry Blons Quartet)

XL-328 Traditional jazz (Doc Evans and his band) (reissue of AP-11 and AP-12)

XL-329 Traditional jazz (Doc Evans and his band) (reissue of AP-29 and AP-30)

XL-330  Dixieland jazz (Rosy McHargue and his band ; Gene May and his band ; Carl Halen’s Band ; Earl Foutz and his band) (reissue of AP-18 and AP-19)

PX-3162 Easy listening / Red Dougherty (16 inch radio transcription disc)