General Building Rules


Memorial Library does not allow food and uncovered beverages in the library. The first floor West Corridor is the only place in the building food is allowed. Covered beverages are allowed in the library.

Cell Phones

In an attempt to alleviate some of the problems caused by the disruptive use of cell phones in the library, we need to ask for the cooperation and assistance of patrons.

  • Please limit your use of cell phones in Memorial Library to the West Corridor on the first floor. This is the area just beyond the Circulation Desk. Feel free to ask staff for assistance as to the appropriate location.
  • Please set your phone to vibrate upon entering the library so as not to disturb others with incoming calls.
  • Please cooperate with staff should they ask you to leave an area due to inappropriate cell phone use. Our objective in asking you to move is simply to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to research and study.


The Library is divided into three areas with regard to the level of noise allowed.

  • Quiet Areas: Most areas of the Library are quiet areas unless otherwise designated. Please lower your voice and keep your conversations brief.
  • Individual Study Areas: These areas are for people who want to study undisturbed. No talking is allowed. They include:
    • Book stacks and carrels
    • Study Halls and Reading Rooms (Rooms 116, 124, 212, 216, 412, 424)
    • Fifth floor faculty studies
  • Group Study Rooms: These areas are designated for people who want to study together. Talking in low tones is allowed. These rooms are located in the South Stacks on Floors 1M, 2M, 4, 4M, 5, and 7. You may reserve a group study room online. There is a two-hour limit and two-person minimum on use of these rooms.


Memorial Library does not permit the use of skates and skateboards. Please remove skates before entering the building. For the safety of library patrons, skateboards and skates can not be used on the stairs to the west of the building.