West Corridor and Late-Night Study Halls

Please visit the Library COVID-19 Dashboard for up to date services and access information. Only the study halls and the spaces on the 2nd and 4th floors are available for use. There are no late night study hours until further notice.

West Corridor, 1st floor

1st floor, west corridor is a popular location to study
1st floor, west corridor is a popular location to study

The first floor west corridor area is just outside of the exit gates of Memorial Library. It houses the Memorial Library Computer Lab and two study halls. Both of those areas are quiet study spaces, but the rest of the west corridor is designed for collaboration and conversation. The west corridor also contains a lecture hall, room 126, as well as a satellite location for the Writing Center.

1st Floor West Corridor Hours

Please view Memorial Library’s main hours. 

Study Halls

Rooms 116 & 124 (Click for Larger View.)

Rooms 116 and 124 have been specifically designated for individual study within the west corridor. Food and drink are allowed in both rooms, but are considered quiet areas unless otherwise noted. Please lower your voice and keep your conversations brief. Hours are the same at the 1st Floor West Corridor.

Writing Center Satellite Location

During the academic year, the Writing Center frequently has drop-in, first come, first served tutoring services in the 1st floor west corridor. This service typically starts the 3rd week of the semester.

West Corridor, 2nd and 4th floors

These spaces are located inside Memorial Library, and therefore, follow Memorial Library’s hours. The 2nd and 4th floor west corridors have tables and chairs, and are designated quiet study.

Comfortable Seating

Collections - Current Periodicals2
The Periodicals Reading Room (240) has comfy spots to study

Comfortable seating is located throughout most of the 2nd floor west corridor, and other areas as well. Armchairs and small couches are available in the:

  • Periodicals Reading Room (240)
  • South end of the Card Catalog Room (224)
  • Reference Reading Room (262)