Library Research Tutorials

Need help getting started or finding sources?  Check out the text and video tutorials below for help on conducting research, accessing library resources, and using library services.

Get Started

College Level Research  |  Video version
Developing a Research Question – Activity
Research Life Cycle – Interactive Tutorial
Research Data Management Life Cycle – Interactive Tutorial
Scholarship as Conversation – Video Tutorial
Scholarly Conversation Map – Interactive Tutorial
UW-Madison Libraries Search Box – Dropdown Options
Ways to Get Help

Find Articles

Database Search Strategies  |  Video version
Finding a Specific Article
Finding a Specific Journal
Finding a Specific Journal (Newspaper) – New York Times
How to Read Scholarly Articles
Locating Article Databases
Requesting an item via Interlibrary Loan
Searching Within Databases  |  Video version
Using Google Scholar With Your UW-Madison NetID
Using Articles Search
What is a Database? – Video Tutorial

Find Books

Refining Your Search Results
Requesting Materials via Interlibrary Loan
Requesting Library Materials
Searching the Library Catalog
Saving Catalog Items to a List
UW System Search

Evaluate Sources

Copyright Status Tool – Activity
Evaluating Across Sources Video Tutorial
Evaluating Sources within a Discipline Video Tutorial
Evaluating Sources Tip Sheet
Identifying Fake News Video Tutorial
Identifying Scholarly Articles  |  Video version
Using Popular Sources  |  Video version

Cite Sources

Choosing a Citation Manager  |  Video version
Citing Sources  |  Video version
Introduction to Plagiarism – Interactive TutorialTranscript
What is a Citation Manager?  |  Video version


Visit the micro-courses page to view the courses available.

Explore Collections

Artists’ Books – Interactive Tutorial: This module explores the history and components of artists’ books, as well as how you can access the artists’ book collection at Kohler Art Library.

Introduction to Special Collections – Interactive Tutorial: This module will introduce you to the world of special collections research at UW-Madison.

UW-Madison Archives – Interactive Tutorial: This module provides an overview of what archival repositories are, and what types of materials they contain. It also provides an overview of the unique collections in the UW Archives.

Wisconsin Historical Society Archives – Interactive Tutorial: This module will introduce you to the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives and how you can access the collection for archival research.