Library Micro-Courses

Micro-courses are short nongraded courses focused on a particular topic that you complete at your own pace. Each course is interactive and includes challenges that you can complete throughout the lessons.  You can complete a whole course or single lesson – select the learning path that fits your need. All micro-courses are open access and available for everyone to complete.


Graduate Research  This micro-course is composed of five lessons that introduce you to resources and services that can help you conduct your research efficiently, engage with scholarly conversations in your field, and share your contributions with the world.

Introduction to Research Data Management – This micro-course covers the reasons to invest time and effort into good data management and then introduces best practices that you can start building into your research process immediately.

Responsible Data Planning, Use, and Sharing – This micro-course provides an introduction to the current landscape of policies and regulations regarding data that informs working responsibly with research data, and then discusses developing plans for data management and data sharing.

Copyright & Fair Use – This micro-course provides an introduction to copyright and gives you practice deciding how and when you can use someone else’s work.


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