Study Spaces

The library offers an assortment of spaces to meet the varying needs of students using the facility for studying. Whether you need space for quiet, individual work or collaborative group study, there’s a place for you in College Library. With service to undergraduate students as a primary focus, the library includes the Open Book Café, innovative digital-media and active learning classroom spaces, computer lab, and 24-hour service five nights a week during the regular semester sessions. Several student academic services provide drop-in assistance in the library as well.

Please note that many spaces in the library are multi-purpose and support regularly scheduled classes or services during certain hours and become open study spaces at all other times.

Group study areas

These open areas are for people who want to study together. Conversations are permitted.

  • Center Areas on the First, Second and Third Floors
  • Room 1250 and Open Book Café
  • Room 1191
  • Room 1193 (Ethnic Studies Collection)
  • Room 2250 (Computer Lab, Media Studios, and DesignLab)
  • Room 3250 (WisCEL)

Quiet study areas

These areas are for quiet study. Please lower your voice and keep your conversation brief.

  • Room 2191
  • Room 3191 North

Silent study area

Please do not talk in the silent study area which is located in the south half of Room 3191 (closest to Observatory Drive).

  • Room 3191 South

If other students are not following these policies, please contact the staff at the first floor Information Desk.

Reservable private group study rooms:

  • Rooms 2191A, 2191B, 2191C, 2191D, 2203, 2205, 2215, 2217, and 2258
  • Rooms 3203, 3205, 3215, 3217, 3251 and 3261

Reservable recording booth:

  • Room 2256

You may reserve either the small group study rooms or the recording booth by using the online group study room reservations system.

See the College Library Floor Plans for more information.