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  • New Game Consoles

    Posted on Mar 6th

    College Library is pleased to announce the availability of new gaming consoles available via reservation for UW-Madison affiliates. Recently added to our […]

  • Video Game Survey

    Posted on Nov 4th

    College Library is seeking feedback on our video game consoles and collection. How can we best manage our holdings to meet the […]

  • Learn. Play. Build.

    Posted on Sep 29th

    The computer lab at College Library recently launched a new Virtual Reality initiative. Both space and hardware have been allotted so that […]

  • Virtual Reality

    Posted on Apr 24th

    College Library recently installed a virtual reality station in its InfoLab, Room 2250. Featuring an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, along with Oculus […]

  • Helen C. House Party!

    Posted on Aug 26th

    The 8th annual Helen C. House Party at College Library is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 15, from 8pm to 11pm. The library will […]

  • Video Games at College Library

    Posted on Jun 2nd

    With the advent of PS4 and Xbox One systems, the video game shelving at College Library runneth over. In order to alleviate some […]

  • New Video Games

    Posted on May 14th

    College Library has recently expanded it’s video game collection to include titles for Xbox One and PS4 systems. According to Kelli Hughes, […]

  • Game Consoles

    Posted on Nov 25th

    Now available for check out from the College Library Computer & Media Center (CMC) are three video game consoles in a variety […]

  • Media Studio in College Library

    Posted on Nov 1st

    This semester students in classes such as “Video Games & Learning” and “Human-Computer Interaction” have found a new home in College Library. […]

  • Holds Now Available for Video Games!

    Posted on Jan 26th

    Never able to find the video game you want? By popular demand, College Library now allows users to place video games on […]

  • Wii Fit!

    Posted on Dec 21st

    On Monday, Wii Fit will be available in 1st floor center, offering a study break with yoga, strength training and balance games. […]

  • Video Games Available at College Library

    Posted on Jan 10th

    College Library’s video game collection now includes over 110 titles for Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 – some of the […]