Video Game Survey

November 4, 2022

College Library is seeking feedback on our video game consoles and collection. How can we best manage our holdings to meet the gaming and research needs of our users? Thanks to the efforts of ISIP intern, Cal Fielding, who recently completed a collection development module at College Library, we are poised to take our video game collection to the next level (pun intended).

And this is where you can help. Please complete a brief survey and tell us which platforms you use, what type of games you prefer, and what we should add or remove from our collection. Find a full list of the nearly 250 video games in College Library’s collection here.

For those who prefer a QR code to access the survey, see below!

Cal previously completed an ISIP module on the various consoles circulated by the UW-Madison Libraries. He reports, “This program has provided me with a great opportunity to explore career opportunities while combining my personal and academic interests. This specific module built on my last by expanding my knowledge of different sections of the library and content circulation. I have gotten to work with vast information to create recommendations that will improve the available content and interactions for and between the libraries and UW-Madison students.” Cal created this survey to better gauge our users and their gaming preferences. We very much appreciate you taking the time to provide insight into your gaming needs. Feel free to make recommendations in the survey or through our purchase request form.