Category: remodeling

  • Computer Lab remodel to begin

    Posted on Oct 30th

    With room 3250 close to reopening, we’re setting the stage for some changes in the Computer & Media Center (CMC) on the […]

  • Changes in College Library

    Posted on Oct 21st

    College Library thrives on keeping things current and making changes to improve services and spaces. We try to respond to needs of […]

  • Main Collection Now in One Room

    Posted on Sep 21st

    The Main Collection of books and videos is now housed in one location in College Library. Staff spent the summer months shifting […]

  • Helen C. Gets a Face-Lift, Really

    Posted on Aug 15th

    If you’ve happened by Helen C. White Hall recently, you may have noticed ropes, scaffolding, and the sound of drilling. After forty […]

  • Summer library projects

    Posted on May 23rd

    Summer projects will be occurring throughout the library, including moving some things around. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please […]

  • More Renovations = Better Library

    Posted on Aug 3rd

    Once again College Library is taking time over the summer months to upgrade facilities and improve the the library’s physical space. Come […]

  • The Sights and SOUNDS of Construction

    Posted on Jun 3rd

    This summer the library is surrounded, literally, by a number of construction projects, including road work on Park, Langdon and Observatory. In […]

  • Remodeling Progress – Nearly Done

    Posted on Sep 3rd

    As anyone who visits College Library can see, the summer remodeling project has made a lot of progress recently. The new main […]

  • Remodeling Progress

    Posted on Aug 28th

    The first floor center of College Library is shaping up with the finishing touches being made to the new service desk and […]

  • Summer Remodeling

    Posted on May 18th

    Starting Tuesday, May 19th the entrance area of College Library will be remodeled. All services (reference, circulation, reserves) will be available, although […]

  • Welcome Back for Fall Semester

    Posted on Sep 1st

    Changes for fall include more electrical outlets on the 3rd floor, new iMacs in Open Book, new chairs in the CMC, and […]

  • Re-designed Study Spaces in College Library

    Posted on Jan 1st

    Over the summer a number of large tables (some with incandescent lighting) have been added to Rooms 1191, 3191, and 3250 at […]