Computer Lab remodel to begin

October 31st, 2011
With room 3250 close to reopening, we’re setting the stage for some changes in the Computer & Media Center (CMC) on the 2nd floor. Once the 3rd floor lab is available, a section of room 2250 will be closed off to begin work on the Media Studio and DesignLab scheduled to open for the spring semester.
Some things are already being moved around in preparation. The music CDs have been relocated, permanently, to the Open Book collection in room 1250. Now all of the recreational materials for check-out are available in one place: DVDs, video games, music CDs, audiobooks, magazines, mysteries, graphic novels, and other books for fun can all be found together!
Within the CMC, preparation for remodeling has moved the vending machine out into the hallway near the entrance to room 2250. Digital video editing computers and flatbed scanners have been relocated within the room. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask!

More information on how the CMC remodeling fits into the many changes in College Library can be found in this featured article.