“Curtain Wall” work underway

November 8, 2011

The metal and glass framework that makes up the “curtain wall” entry to the library, covering all three floors above and around the entry and stairwells, has reached a point of structural failure in that the doors no longer can be aligned and functional. To address this failure, a complete replacement is now underway.

During this construction, sections of the area being worked on will have restricted access, starting with the west stairwell. Access to a safe entry, exit and stairs will be maintained at all time. There will be some construction noise associated with the project, generally noticeable between 7am and 3:30pm, Mondays-Fridays. Evenings and weekends will not be affected.

This is one of many projects occurring in the library this semester. For more information about other changes, please see the featured article, Changes in College Library.

Questions? Contact College Library Director, Carrie Kruse.