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College Library’s Mission

College Library supports the strategic goals of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and facilitates discovery and learning by creating a welcoming environment for all, especially those new to academic research.

The library provides physical and virtual access to a variety of information services, technologies and collections that reflect the changing needs of undergraduates. The library’s staff members are dedicated to teaching effective and appropriate use of current and emerging technologies and information resources.

Through a strong sense of community and a deep commitment to undergraduate education, College Library promotes an atmosphere of inclusion and independence that fosters lifelong learning.

Jobs in the Circulation Department

Circulation Student Assistants are the face of College Library and are responsible for many of its daily functions and basic services. Student Assistants spend 75% of their time engaged directly in public service activities and another 25% performing tasks around the library. Providing great service to students, faculty, and staff is a key part of this job and Student Assistants are expected to be approachable, knowledgeable, and collaborative at all times. Student Assistants are also responsible for keeping College Library’s collections organized, facilities clean, and supplies stocked. This requires attention to detail, the ability accomplish tasks in a self-directed manner, and a willingness to ask questions when instructions are unclear.

Jobs in the Computer & Media Center

College Library provides access to and support for a variety of technologies located throughout the building as well as areas for technology experimentation and innovation for patron-facing technologies. Student workers staff the second and third floor service desks, providing support and information to patrons in those areas, as needed. In addition, workers handle equipment check-out, assist patron use of College Library Print Services, and help grow the College Library technology services catalog through front-line insights and project work. Working at a library service desk requires customer service experience, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups of people. As the technology area within College Library, working computer knowledge is also expected and a deeper interest in technology is preferred.