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Finance and Investing

Bloomberg Professional (In-Library Use Only)
Financial information, data, pricing and analyst reports for all publicly traded companies. Dealer quotes and data for all securities. Key global securities markets including equities, money markets, currencies, municipal, corporate/Euro/sovereign bonds, commodities, mortgage-backed securities, derivative products and governments. Analytic tools for researching and tracking market sectors as well as individual securities. Bloomberg Business News provides up-to-the-minute as well as archived news online.
User Guide: Please see our Using Bloomberg Professional page for information on Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) self-paced training.
Access: Bloomberg Professional is installed on three dual-monitor computers in the Business Library. Available on-campus only.

D&B Business Browser (Dun & Bradstreet)
Formerly OneSource Global Business Browser. Provides robust intelligence on companies, executives, and industries, as well as news, analyst reports and SEC filings. Use the search boxes on the database homepage, or use the menu tabs to build custom lists or search for analyst reports by brokerage house, company, or industry.
Access: Available to anyone on-campus. Available off campus for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff only. Licensed for 10 simultaneous users.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets (Conquest Systems, Inc.)
Provides simple and refined searching of the Data-Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data. Subjects include Banking, Finance and Insurance including Flow of Funds (Z.1); Energy Resources and Demand; Industry and Commerce; International; Population and Income; Prices and Cost of Living; Stocks and Commodities; and more. Users can search and view charts, maps, and rankings of time series at the country, state, county, MSA, postal code, and census-tract/block group levels. (Dates vary)
Access: Available to anyone on-campus. Available off campus for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff only.

FactSet (In-Library Use Only)
Provides access to financial data and analysis to monitor global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income assets. FactSet Fundamentals provides users with a firm foundation for financial analysis of more than 67,000 public and private companies. FactSet Ownership provides global institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information with daily updates and history dating back to 1999. FactSet Information and Tools provides currency exchange rate, standard entity, and stock ownership summary.
Content: See our FactSet page for full content and data description.
Access: Restricted to Wisconsin School of Business faculty and currently enrolled students. FactSet is installed on three computers in the Business Library. Available on-campus only. Contact Michael Enyart, Director of the Business Library, regarding this resource.

IMF eLibrary Data (International Monetary Fund)
Contains a range of time series data on IMF lending, exchange rates, and other economic and financial indicators including International Financial Statistcs (IFS) since 1948. Available indicators normally include a country’s exchange rate, Fund position, international liquidity, monetary statistics, interest rates, prices, production, labor, international transactions, government accounts, national accounts, and population. (Updated monthly)
Access: Available to everyone. IFS and IMF Data require a free online registration/sign in. You can view the IFS and other datasets without registering, but you only save and download data by registering.

J.P. Morgan Research (ProQuest)
The database features thousands of analyst reports covering over 3,000 global companies and all industries. Derived from Morgan Markets – which is J.P. Morgan’s exclusive information for key clients and investors – these reports are made available to academic users for education and research purposes. Coverage is 2011 to current with a one week embargo. Lengthy reports cover equities and company performance, global and regional economics and financial strategy, foreign exchange, commodities, liquidity, and emerging markets.
Access: Available to anyone on-campus. Available off campus for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff only.

Oxford Handbooks Online: Scholarly Research Reviews (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Handbooks Online: Scholarly Research Reviews is an outstanding collection of the best Handbooks in 14 subject areas. One of the most prestigious and successful strands of Oxford’s scholarly publishing, the Handbook series contain in-depth, high-level articles by scholars at the top of their field. Subscription includes: Archaeology, Business and Management, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, and Religion.
Access: Available to anyone on-campus. Available off campus for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff only.

S&P Capital IQ 
The S&P Capital IQ platform combines deep global company information, credit ratings and research, and market research with powerful tools for risk assessments. The web and Excel-based platform provides easy access to both real-time and historical information on companies, markets, transactions, and people worldwide.
Content: See our S&P Capital IQ page for full content and data description.
Access: Available to anyone on-campus. Available off campus for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff only.

Value Line Investment Survey (Print Resource)
A comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy. The Ratings & Reports section consists of one-page reports containing Value Line’s timeliness, safety, and technical ratings, financial and stock price forecasts for the coming 3 to 5 years, an analyst’s written commentary, and more. The Summary & Index contains an index of all stocks in the publication as well as many up-to-date statistics to keep investors informed about the latest company results. It also contains a variety of stock “screens” designed to help investors identify companies with various characteristics. The Selection & Opinion section contains Value Line’s latest economic and stock market forecasts, one-page write-ups of interesting and attractive stocks, model portfolios, and financial and stock market statistics.
Call Number: Business Library Reference Collection HG4921 V3 R3