Subscription includes FactSet Fundamentals (North America: US and Canada and International: Non-US and Canada)FactSet Ownership (LionShares)Information, and Tools.

Individual Accounts

Students can sign up for individual accounts with FactSet using their WiscMail account. Use the following web page to register: https://advantage.factset.com/academic_idrequest 

Allow 7-10 days for individual accounts to be processed.

Faculty/Instructors with questions regarding class access to FactSet contact Michael Enyart at michael.enyart@wisc.edu

FactSet Fundamentals

Comprehensive global database providing users with a firm foundation for financial analysis of more than 67,000 public and private companies. Annual history is available for developed markets from the 1980s and for emerging markets from the early 1990s. Interim history is available for U.S. companies from 1998 and for non-U.S. companies from 2001.

  • Annual Fiscal
  • Quarterly Fiscal
  • Semi-Annual Fiscal
  • Last Twelve Months
  • Restated Annual Fiscal
  • Monthly Prices
  • Auditors

FactSet Ownership

Provides global institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information with daily updates and history dating back to 1999.

  • Unadjusted 13F Holdings
  • Institutions
  • Unadjusted Fund Holdings
  • Funds

Information and Tools

  • Currency Exchange Rate
  • Standard Entity
  • FactSet Stock Ownership